The bream fishing in October

Some anglers mistakenly believe that the fall can only catch prey fish. And since bream to predators does not apply, and to get it at this time impossible. This is not so. In the middle of autumn, in October, the hook can catch a big bream in the summer is a rarity. Bream is considered to be sedentary and very cautious fish that may for a long time to live in one place. If to scare her, she will leave their homes even during the spawning season and never going back.

The bream fishing in October are most productive will take place in warm, quiet waters with a clayey or muddy, but the green bottom. Skimmers (small bream) usually prefer to stay on the sand. With the arrival of autumn and a decrease in water temperature large shoals of bream are beginning to gather in the deep places of the reservoir, preparing for the long winter. To catch bream in this period at any time of the day, it is important to know the location of the pack.

Weather in October is very unstable: more nice summer days give way to rainy and cloudy. In addition, by this time, the bream already work up a good fat. Therefore, the angler will have to try very hard to lOula bream in October went well. First of all, advised competently approach to the selection of fishing places. This factor will primarily depend on the size of the catch. In mid-autumn bream prefers to stay in flocks at intermediate depths, where the water warms up some more sun rays. When the water temperature drops, the fish moved to wintering holes. After that, the habitat of bream is almost impossible to determine the characteristic bursts of water. Moreover, the bream will not give himself «afloat». This fish usually feeds only in strictly certain places where he is most comfortable. And to keep her from these places is almost impossible. So these places have to look for empirically. To do this in any one place is bait. And if after that the bites won’t be there for several hours, then the bait should be changed. But if the bream were still biting, the main thing not to spook him, or he will go this place and will not return for at least the next year. Then have to find a new habitat of this fish.

In October the water becomes more transparent, so in the daytime adult bream are not biting. Such fish should be caught at night. And for the night lovli bream in October in the evening should prepare tackle, a place for angling, to find out the bottom topography and depth. After that bream need to lure, when the sun goes down.

For catching bream in October, you use different gear. From the shore is perfectly suitable conventional float rod, preferably with a deaf snap. And because the night is dark, the centrifugal rod is almost impossible to cast a lure accurately. This problem is solved with the help of plug rods. From the normal of the float in the sky antenna, but instead is Firefly. Because of this lure becomes well visible in the dark. The nozzle may serve as a small dung worm or Motyl. Takes good bream on white bread, peas, steamed barley. In October, the bream starting to settle to their chosen wintering pits. If the angler is lucky, he will be able to find such a place, without a catch, it will not stay.

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