The bream fishing in March

As the bream is a fish difficult and very peculiar, in March, anglers are fully able to show all their skills in order to catch it. For successful catching bream in March, you need to know some details of this case.

As you know, in the beginning of spring begins to slowly but surely melt snow, ice on rivers and reservoirs. Melt water go under the ice, bringing the oxygen required for normal functioning of all the underwater world. The scent of water, rich in oxygen, bream and other fish species leave their wintering grounds and go to the flow of fresh water. At the same time, the bream inside the body starts to undergo enhanced metabolism, which causes him to actively move around the pond in search of food. Therefore, in areas that are rich in food, there is a great chance to catch him.

The most active bream fishing occurs in March in the coastal zones of the channel. Also loves this fish to be and bays, in which meltwater flows, bringing them some food. With the manifestation of their activity bream and of course change the depth of habitat. If in winter he preferred to be at a depth of 6 meters or pits, in the spring in the daytime he swims at a depth of 2 to 4 meters to the water surface. In the tributaries, where small depth, bream also likes to swim. In this case, he, like other fish species, often concentrated in expression.

In the morning, an hour after sunrise, is the most active bream fishing in March. Quite a good bite of bream is happening after lunch, but the bad thing is that he’s short. At nightfall, bream moves away from the shore and rests in the channel edge or petrukovich tables at a depth of about 4 — 6 meters. Despite the fact that bream is removed from the shore, he as before actively feeding, especially in the period from 23 to 2 am. Despite this fact, the bite at this time is uneven.

To bream fishing in March was the most successful of gear you’d rather have a spinning coil (it must be open), which is a convenient handle. It is desirable that the coil was with a keyboard brake, which makes it much easier to rewind or down the line. A nod, made of polyester, suit is best. The bite becomes more successful if you use medium and small jigs that are for cloudy weather should be bright and clear on the contrary. Fishing for bream in March, the form of coachmen value is absolutely not allowed, so choose and experiment.

Because in early spring the bream, compared to the winter period, becomes more fluid, respectively, and to extract it is much harder. Therefore, the gear necessary to choose only high-quality fishing line. To catch at small and medium-sized jigs it is better to buy the line section up to 0.12 mm. If you put a thicker, the game bait will not be so vulnerable. For catching large specimens, from 1 kg and more, you need to adjust accordingly and the line at the rate of 0.01 mm on an additional 500 grams of fish.

Fishing for bream in March causea ice from baits better suited to large moth, impaled on the hook beam for 3 things and more. If you do not bite on bloodworms, then you can use another bait. Pretty good bite bream on large red worms or maggots. The worm is mainly caught large specimens of bream. To achieve a permanent fish, you can feed the fish. In this process the main thing is not to overdo it, as do many inexperienced fishermen.

As practice shows, the most productive part of bait fishing for bream in March included: a small moth (150-500 g), breadcrumbs (500 gr.), dry milk (200 g.), ground meal (300 gr.). All except bloodworms and flavors, mixed at home, and the rest add already fishing. The main thing is not to overdo the bloodworms, otherwise you can wind up the gear and heading home.

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