The bream fishing in June

The process of catching bream is quite responsible, and to ensure that your attempts are crowned with success, you will need to consider many factors. Remember that the bream fishing in June is a real art, because first and foremost, you will need in order to find the location of his residence. Consider the fact that bream love exceptionally warm waters with sandy-muddy bottoms and calm throughout. In addition, the bream fishing in June, involves the study of the behavior of the fish. After all, for example, in one pond bream can live in the midst of plants, and to swim there just to eat, only at night, and in other reservoirs it will stay exclusively near the edge of the water plants, and eat only in the morning or at sunset.

Bream is surprisingly punctual, trying to feed at certain times. Among the fishermen there’s even jokes about the fact that the bite of this fish can compare notes. In early summer bream actively feeds at night. And though the night during this period is very short, to extract a few decent copies is not too difficult. There is an opinion that in hot June days the bream are generally not caught. This is quite contradictory information, because everything depends on the pond and properly selected gear.

If after sunset you see, as the water is very quiet going in circles, then it is precisely the best time for feeding of the bream, and the best time for a good fishing. Remember also that this fish is very timid, and so to frighten her easily enough. In addition, the bream takes the bait very carefully and at the slightest movement he can just go with fed. That is why professional anglers say that bream feed as often as possible. Also remember that the dressing needs to jump always to the same place. As bait fishing for bream in June, you can use different cereals, chopped worms, mixed with clay, and boiled potatoes, bloodworms, peas with the addition of breadcrumbs.

In lakes and ponds bream are best caught with a simple fishing rod from the shore or from a boat. As bait perfect flour balls, maggot, worm etc. the Best bits are the bakery products with the addition of fennel or anise. Moreover, the nozzle must always be positioned at the bottom, as bream are biting just head down, forward mouth-proboscis for the ingestion of bait. After this he again takes a horizontal position (the sinker begins to rise and the float rests on the water). Then the bream goes sharply to the side, pulling the float. At this point, and need to do the cutting.

The best tackle for catching bream in June from the boat, for a considered ring. The thing to remember is that this method implies the use of a net, as fish is always very actively resists, approaching the surface. Need to throw the Bait at least 10 m from the boat. When fishing from the shore it is desirable to use a long pole.

The bream fishing in June on the river is much different from fishing on the lake. The fact is that the river bream all day in the same place, while standing water forcing the fish to move continuously. When fishing from shore, be aware that the bream prefer to look for food in coastal underwater hollows. Bream are always walking groups, so if you got one, then soon, wait another few bites.

Intensive biting and will last throughout June, taking part of July. It all depends on the pond and weather conditions. With decreasing atmospheric pressure and strong winds, the bite almost stopped. In conclusion, we can say that from how responsibly you react to the process of catching bream in June, will depend on the success of your fishing.

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