The bream fishing in July

Many people love to fish, whatever the weather, time of day or season of the year. Big fish to catch in summer, because this time of year it is very much in ponds (carp, Chub, chubs, muscles, and other types). One of the types of big fish that is easy to catch in July – bream. This fish is unpretentious to you use bait (she mostly eats worms, bread, peas, barley porridge, bloodworms, maggots, dough, etc.). How to catch this fish in July and where to catch them, you can read below. So, first you have to prepare your gear before fishing. Bream in July, better fish in Sunny weather, cloudy since he doesn’t like; to catch it at dawn or just after sunset. Can take with you on fishing the float rod, the rod with the ground tackle or spinning with different types of lures and jigs (choice of gear depends on your preference, but still float tackle is better than spinning). It is desirable to have a strong reel and a long fishing line. The rod should be long enough, durable and convenient to use. Hooks should be strong, because the bream is quite a heavy fish. Besides, he lives among water plants, and you can easily get confused in them. But the ultimate gear you have to choose, of course, yourself, because you can decide at what depth to fish. You can also prepare beforehand the bait (bream loves her, so enjoy it), using different types of flavorings and an important component (it is best to choose green peas and also add barley or other cereals). All, I can leave the house. Upon arrival at the desired water garden, select a site that is not heavily overgrown with reeds and other vegetation, but that it was enough. Advance a bit to explore the area to understand here is found bream and many other fish here. It is advisable to find a place where the depth is approximately 3-5 m higher the chance to catch bream on pits and shallows, where a relatively small current, as it sometimes comes to the surface of the water. Consider the fact that the fish likes shaded canopy of trees stretches of water, where the muddy and uneven bottom.Take a seat and prepare your fishing rod. First you need to throw a bit of bait in the place where the most likely location of the fish (watch out for the water, often because of the water are bubbles that indicate fish). Most likely the bream will be at the maximum possible depth, because at this time he experiences lack of oxygen. Cast your line into the water so that the float (if this is not bottom fishing) lying on the surface of the water. When the fish has swallowed your bait, set hook should be sharp, but not too rough because you can seriously injure bream, and in this case he falls. After a successful fishing you can get per day from 8 to 20 (maybe more, maybe less) bream. You can often catch and another immature specimen bream – bream.That is, in principle, all the basic rules that you should consider when fishing for bream in July. Through this article, try to form your knowledge base on this subject, and you can easily catch bream without assistance. If you know fishermen, you can ask them useful advice (if you are a novice fisherman), and they will demonstrate the principles of catching this fish. It is also possible that provide you with the information carries no value and all that is written here, you already know. In any case, good luck fishing!

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