The bream fishing in high water level in the river

Before fishing, you must prepare thoroughly. Part of the equipment can be collected in advance, in order not to waste time on the fishing spot. You need to check the balancing of the floats. Prepare the leads of fishing line of different thicknesses and some with hooks of different sizes. Depending on the places of fishing leashes while fishing can end up stinger hooks are blunted, so you should prepare an appropriate number of spare leads.

At the beginning of the fishing in the first place should be to organize the places of fishing, and after that it is time to do the first casting. In fishing with uneven or steep Bank will be especially useful for complex platform. Simple platform design ensures quick and easy installation. Adjustable leg length allows you to install it exactly horizontal. Additionally it is equipped with clips for rods and garden. The platform provides maximum comfort while fishing.

After that you should feed the fish. Additional components of the bait is the basis of their effectiveness. Their purpose is to improve the basic mixture by means of providing appropriate palatability and smell. Since the purpose of fishing is bream, and an additional component of the mixture must be appropriate. Dyed maggots, for example, are not only excellent bait for bream, but also a great additional component of the bait. In the case where the fishing spot is quite deep and quite fast flowing, no harm will increase binding characteristics of bait additives to it by an adhesive (adhesive mixture). All components of the mixture must be thoroughly mixed dry before adding water. The amount of water may be crucial for the characteristics of the bait. Excess water in combination with adhesive substances leads to the fact that the binding properties of the groundbait balls will be too large, and they are too slow to erode, bad attracting fish. Conversely, if the bait is dry, the balls will fall apart while they cast into the water. Balls of bait prepared before they were thrown in the water, because the maggots, attached to the bait, cause their rapid disintegration. One of the most effective is the so-called complementary feeding point, that is a throw bait balls in the same place. What gives? This allows to achieve a concentration of fish on one small area.

Kind of tackle to choose? The value of the float caused by the flow velocity and depth. In conditions of high water level and fast flow suitable gear rings float with a displacement of 10g and a long lower pin, which acts as a stabilizer. In these conditions the most suitable to be plug rod. The length of the gear is determined by the water depth and its should be selected so that after proper installation, the distance between the tip and the float was no more than one meter.

The most attractive fish lure is primarily movable bait. White worms – maggots, for example, should stick to the hook so that they retain their mobility. The larva of the caddis – one of the most proven baits for carps. Earthworms is also known to all the fishermen loved food of bream. Often they correct the situation when brings a different nozzle. Biting large bream on earthworms lasts sometimes longer than the bait of a smaller size and all the art is reduced to the choice of the right moment sweeps. Earthworms and maggots are not the only effective baits when fishing for bream. Good results are achieved when you use «sandwiches», that is, a combination of different baits. One of the best is a combination of maggots and the larvae of caddis.

How to catch? For this, of course, wiring. Float method delays the gear is reduced to such transaction, to float was floating with the current speed or a bit slower and in certain periods of time stopped. In the conducted thus tackle lure moves close to the bottom, and at the time of her arrest she can rise above the bottom, provoking the fish to bite. In properly conducted tackle fishing line between the tip of the rod and the float are constantly stretched. This allows you to react to a bite immediately. Often entraps tackle provokes the fish to catch the bait.

After hooking it should be possible to quickly bring the fish with bait, as fighting fish can disperse the whole flock. The landing net should be cooked before the fish will be near shore. After being caught the fish should always change the head because she should always be not only movable, but have a natural look. We should not forget about luring fish with additional complementary feeding. A flock of bream likes to travel, and for a longer time it stays only in place, teeming with food. In addition each playing spook the fish and only systematically added bait able to keep it in the place of fishing. Regular accusations to the water balls of bait is a powerful magnet for fish and lead to the fact that she is constantly near the place of fishing.

Armed with this knowledge, everyone will be able to catch your bream and get pleasure from fishing. After all, pleasure is the most valuable reward the angler.


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