The bream fishing in February

To catch bream in February, as well as for the whole «gluhozime», not so easy. February’s weather is its variability. Sharply changing atmospheric pressure, snowstorms alternating with thaws, temperature changes — all this significantly affects the activity of bream. Cycles of activity.

In severe frosts, accompanied by persistent high pressure, bream feeds sluggish.

In this weather the shoals of bream collected in the deep flowing wells with a raised bottom. With a good bite in the period of maximum illumination, i.e. in the first half of the day (from 10 to 14 hours). This is because under the ice is dark and all metabolic processes of the fish is reduced to a minimum, so even a weak light promotes its activation. At low pressure, accompanied by snowstorms and thaws, the fish prefers shallow waters (up to 2m). But in this case it is necessary at least for the weak. At shallow depths the light scares away the fish, so you should look for snow-covered ice areas, and prepared the hole to darken the snow. In February nights bream feeding in the shallows with a depth of 2-4 meters and a rich forage base.

Nozzles and bait.

In February of bream caught on a live nozzle (bloodworms, maggots, caddis worm) or vegetable (bread, dough, cereal). These same ingredients are used for bait. For example, you can mix the cake, rye bread crumbs ground small maggots, ground cumin seeds and black bread crumbs.


February for catching bream is used as a float rod (with the hook and sinker) and kucove (with a spoon). The jig is better to choose tungsten or phosphorus, teardrop shape. Fishing line should be of small diameter (up to 0.13 mm).

Fishing technique.

The February bream prefers to take the jig off the bottom. To attract his attention and to provoke the bite, you need to do is to smoothly play the spoon. If you choose a float, you need to balance the tackle to the fish when taking the bait does not feel the weight of sinkers. This can be achieved by using two floats (at the top and at the bottom of the equipment). In February there is a massive migration of bream, so it was particularly difficult to search ledovyh sites on the reservoir. Fishing on the incorrectly selected portion of the reservoir, most likely, will bring you a disappointment, because the lure bream impossible even using good bait.


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