The bream fishing in December

Fishing in December will bring good results with the right choice of bait, tackle, tactics, and, of course, places. Bream is a demersal fish and only among those that are well caught and winter. Most of his time he spends at great depths. With the advent of the rivers of the first strong Ledkov (it usually is in December) bream can reduce the depth to 2-3 meters. In December, offers winter fishing for bream. This happens after about two weeks after freeze-up. The exact date for all regions different, somewhere that time is in November, somewhere at the beginning of December. Good bite bream begins in December and ends in mid-January.

After the reservoir is completely covered with ice, the adaptation of the fish to these conditions ends, and it is said that the fish starts to look for food. And then the bream starts to look for food. In identifying wintering pit with a lot of food, bream moved there. The depth of such pits usually more than 3 meters. Fish activity depends primarily on saturation of water with oxygen.

Good bite this time of year and near the polynya, as well as in places where there are gullies, although it can be life-threatening. The number of fish caught depends on the weather and time of fishing (day, evening, night).

In identifying wintering holes bream, you can expect for good results one day. Trophy bream will delight a week or even several weeks. Bream will not leave wintering pit until the time until the food is in the pit not over.

The bream fishing in December should be on the bottom. In one case, only bream can be caught at a lower depth, in the case of oxygen starvation, although the frequency of bites, and will leave much to be desired.

Fishing for bream in December, any suitable tackle designed for winter fishing. The only caveat is that the fish in this period is rather careful. This suggests that for fishing it is better to use a sensitive rod. The thickness of the twine should not exceed 1.5 in diameter (so the fishing line will be enough for fish in a few kilograms). When choosing a fishing line is especially important to assess its quality. Fishing line needs to be colorless, because the water becomes clear and clean. When fishing in flowing waters it is better to use a fishing rod with a nod, the quiet waters you can catch an ordinary float rod.

December bream fishing is good using a fishing rod with a lure and a sinker located at 10 cm distance from the hook (the weight of the load depends on the speed of the flow).

Summer fishing techniques at this time will not pass. In December, the most common two options fishing (these options will be suitable for other species of fish) – fixed and mobile.

Stationary fishing is fishing in the same place. Made a few holes. The distance between them should be about 5 meters. All wells placed the feeding. Taking place in one of the pits, start to catch bream. If the bite is missing for an hour, then you can safely proceed to the next hole.

Mobile is the movement of a fisherman from the reservoir until then, until you find a place where the bream will bite.

Experienced anglers adhere to the stationary version of the winter fishing, because I know that the bream are very active during this time and be sure he will find the bait.

Going on the December fishing should be taken into account that the diameter of the hole must be rather big – more than 20 cm because you will likely get caught and rather large individual. It is also worth remembering and that sharp light will scare the bream, and it can easily break. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to occlude the hole with snow or grass.

As for attachments, the best choice will be the maggot or bloodworms, and sometimes you can do without the nozzle. To lure the fish is desirable, but not necessary. As bait suit as an ordinary cereal, and purchase bait.

Fishing in December is a dangerous occupation (the ice is not strong enough), so going on a fishing trip in December, be sure to observe the safety rules.

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