The bream fishing in August

Bream are a worthy fish and a little fisherman will abandon trophy instance. Catching the fish is exciting and interesting, especially in the summer season.

August is a good month for fishing for bream. At this time he is very active and good bite on all summer gear. Still, this raises a number of questions: where fish live, what gear and what it is better to catch?

As for the choice of places, here all depends on a number of factors, including the type of habitat, presence of aquatic vegetation, bottom topography, time of day and more. Consider this all pretty difficult. However, the bream fishing in August can be very successful if to take into account the behaviors of the fish.

Bream is a demersal fish that is a major part of your life, it stays near the bottom, avoiding places with a rapid current. That is why to catch bream in August, preferably on a calm and quiet parts of the reservoir. To meet bream on the bends of rivers and in bays. In inclement weather and at dusk bream coming to the shore, where it is possible to extract an ordinary float rod. With the dawn of this fish goes back into the depths.

When choosing a place for the upcoming fishing, we must not forget that the fish does not like a sandy bottom. The most productive fishing for bream in August will be in areas with clayey and slightly silty bottom. And when the bait fish may be appropriate in places where the bottom is covered with stones. By combining all of the above, we can distinguish the typical places where fishing will be more active: clay shore with increasing depth; steep Bank with considerable depth within a few metres, sloping Bank with a well-developed aquatic vegetation and gradually increasing depth.

In choosing the gear every fisherman has their own preferences. This files most often for catching bream in August using the float rod, feeder and bottom fishing. Moreover, the feeder is most suitable for August fishing. The rod length should be not less than 3.6 m with the test up to 90 gr. When fishing on the river the rod can take longer. The choice of fishing line depends on recommendations on the fishing rod itself. The diameter of the leash should be not less than 0.15 mm. as for feeders, it is best to choose a square, weighing not less than 70 gr. The length of the leash is not essential, sometimes it can reach 1 meter. Of the many feeder snap-ins proved best steel loop.

Fishing for bream with a feeder you need a good bait. It can be purchased in fishing stores, or you can prepare yourself from the wheat bran, bread crumbs, ground cookies, ground corn, oat flour and roasted ground sunflower seeds. Here you can add maggots, bloodworms or chopped worm and one of the flavors (coriander, vanilla, anise, caramel).

Bream is a real fussy so and tips for fishing there are many. Usually as a nozzle fishermen use worms, bloodworms, steamed grain peas, barley, wheat, dough or semolina mash. It is not uncommon for fishing bream in August use a combination of nozzles, sandwiches. For example, it is possible to impose on the hook bloodworms, maggots and mash semolina, flavored with cinnamon or vanilla. Well-proven aircraft is also ready for Breakfast, covered with a variety of flavorful ingredients – chocolate, caramel or honey.


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