The bream fishing in April

April has the most active bite bream. You can catch the summer gear, as ice had already come off, the water level in lakes and rivers decreases, the water becomes cleaner. Will catch or not depends on the selected gear and fishing spots. In April begins the spawning bream. Bream before spawning, gather in flocks and closer to the shore. Fishing for bream in April, you can use a float rod. Experienced anglers find April the perfect month for catching bream on this tackle. It is more convenient, easy to handle, using a fishing rod is very easy to draw out fish.

The bream fishing in April on a float, there are some disadvantages. The range of fishing depends on the length of the rod, and a sudden movement can spook the fish. In order that the fishing was most successful, it is necessary to choose the rod length less than 7 meters, then this disadvantage is considerably reduced.

Pole fishing for bream in April should be strong and light must be present to guide the fishing line so it does not get. You need to choose fishing rods-tested brands, good quality, fishing was not clouded by his failure or inconvenience of use. Experienced fishermen determine the quality of the rod by its weight — the lighter it is, the better.

Fishing line fishing for bream in April should not be thinner than 0.25 mm, but used the leashes of thin fishing line. Better to catch on two hooks. For this you need to make two leads. One to be placed below the sinker, he will fall to the bottom, and the second above. Bream feed in the bottom layer of water, so the use of such tooling at this time quite effectively.

Choosing hooks for catching bream in April, should first pay attention not on the size but on quality. Because the bait can be caught a hard copy and will be very upset if the hook breaks under his weight.

For fishing in mid-spring using floats with carrying capacity of about 3 grams. Well behave on the course and respond quickly to the bite floats in the form of droplets with an elongated keel.

The choice of fishing line depends on the purity of the water. If the water in the pond is murky — it is better to choose dark color of the line, and if the water is clean, transparent fishing line.

The bream fishing in April on the feeder.

Gain strength before spawning bream go away from the shore. Fishing on the float rod becomes ineffective, need long-distance casting. In this case, use the feeder. This tackle enables the angler to sh the area, remote to 20-30 meters from the shore. Help tackle when fishing in bad weather, on a great wave. Feeder have many types, but the best option is a three-metre telescopic rod with a good bezinertsionnaja coil. The distance of the throw depends on the length of the rod. On the line of hooks in addition to a feeder for casting bait.

Nozzles and bait for catching bream in April.

In early April, in the form of nozzles seasoned fishermen using bloodworms and maggots, it is also possible the combination of different nozzles on the same hook. At the end of April, you can use plant tips: boiled wheat, potatoes, bread. Such nozzles can add hemp oil, vanilla, honey, and other flavorings in small amounts.

For successful fishing is important to feed the fish. In the form of bait you can use a mixture of purchase or millet porridge. Before getting the bait rolled into balls. For fishing far casting bait balls should be tight enough so that when the casting is not broke. For more precise casting use special slingshot. To lure the fish should be every three hours, so it went from a selected area of fishing.

The bream fishing in April can be fun and quite effective, important to choose the right gear and tune in to a positive result.

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