The Borzoi is a native of Malta everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Faraonova dog is one of the brightest representatives of hunting dogs. Originally from Malta, she is listed in the international registries of hunting dogs. The history of the names of this breed of colonization of Malta by the British Kingdom. But in the homeland it is called «dog rabbit». It is from the United Kingdom and started the way of this breed to the level of elite hunting dogs.

Greyhound from the 70s of the 20th century became popular in the United States (thousands of individuals), as well as on the continent: in Germany, Sweden and Austria, receiving in these countries, the admission to participation in national and international competitions.

Faraonova dog is not only an elite representative of a hunting breed, but also a remarkable instance, showing all the beauty of the «friends» of the person. Amazing video of the body is the animal is doing just revealing at any event, and shot down the muscles creates the preconditions for victory in any competition, even a treadmill, which she, of course, not originally intended, but that does not prevent it to compete with the leading cross-country breeds.

Characterized by faraonova dog excellent hearing, excellent sense, especially at small distances, as well as sense of smell and eyesight. The distinguishing feature of this breed is an exceptional kindness, playfulness and intelligence that is rare for these animals.

Nose, paws and body of a dog have a harmonious color, which corresponds exactly to the tasks and type of the breed. The trunk is flexible but at the same time there is a directness, which demonstrates its exclusivity of the owner. Strong legs with hard lumpy. Hard pads. With the appearance of volchih claws, it is recommended to carry out their removal. The dog’s tail, in the performance of its tasks, should be raised to the top, unacceptable location of the tail between the paws, or helical tail.

Greyhound moves gracefully and easily, thanks to high-planted the face, she needs to explore a large space. Legs move on the same line as the dog’s body. Not acceptable the reversal of a limb in either direction, or the movement of prisacani. Size these individuals reach 52-57 cm, which is the perfect size ratio to the weight of the Hort.

But as with any breed, this can be observed defects, which entails consequences such as: the deterioration speed of the dog, behavior change, hard of hearing or sense of smell. In any case, these problems should be qualified experienced breeders with lots of experience.

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