The biting of a crucian in the fall (late September, early October)

Here come the long-awaited autumn. Went mushroom rain, but a real fisherman mushrooms not interested him fishing submit. Talking about the beginning of September the weather is still not autumn in Central Russia is that it gets dark quickly. And the temperature differs little from August.

I want to write is about the end of September and beginning of October. And so the end of September daytime temperatures sometimes 12-15 degrees Celsius and at night drops to 4-7. At this time it rains frequently, you might say incessantly pour, pour and pour.

Early in the morning, when no one could see carp playfully plays and hear the current splash into the water. The water temperature at this time is about 7-9 degrees. Basic tackle rod zakidushka (with the feeder) and if anyone wants a real rush, the best gum to find.

Fish before hibernation furrowing of the pond in search of food. Therefore, we can say that the fish are biting everywhere. The main bait during this period, earthworm, maggot, barley. Even the rain and the wind are not afraid of carp. A break as such the weather is not. But fishermen, who fish for the bait, he can feel the floor from 9 to 11 fish departs from coast, then the biting starts again. Fishing for zakidushka this period is temporary. Breaks between takes 15-20 minutes, but no more.

Fish catches more than the bait. Of bait can be removed barley and fish only with worms or maggots (you can also combine) single hook-worm and the other worm (depending on the number of hooks). The feeder is enough to fill any porridge. Carp at this time of year is not capricious. But it is noticed that preference Karas gives the pearl barley and peas. And so we finally reached the most efficient tackle in this period is elastic.

You can only watch and envy as the fisherman sits and just manages to get a fish for fish (takes 1-5 minutes). Bait elastic maggot.

So in the Wake of September comes the beginning of October. Weather day 5-8 degrees at night, freezing. During this period, the fish completely stops to give himself no longer jumping in the water in the morning. As the water became colder and it is already 4-6 degrees. The main fishing gear is the same. Only fishing with a fishing rod already has the character of checks, that is, fish may not be in this place and her need to search, thereby moving from place to place, and the depth of fishing increases. Bait is still the same, although it is possible to exclude barley.

Zakidushka gives a better result than the fishing rod, as the upper layers of colder bottom water carp prefer to be in deep places. The bait is the same maggot, a worm. Porridge in the trough clog the same. Gum will not give the results that were given at the end of September. And even with the naked eye is noticeable that the bite is on the hooks are farther away from the fisherman, that is deeper in the pond. The bait is the same maggot.

In mid-October, despite the temperature. Can bite a carp, depending on the location of the pond. Often go fishing on zakidushki so like a fish going into hibernation and all is at the bottom of the reservoir. Though bites are rare. Bait is still the same worm, maggot. In the trough all the same cereal. Then the fish stops to peck really, going into hibernation. And the fishermen just have to wait for next spring when they will be able to see this beautiful fish.

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