The biting of a crucian in February

Carp is a very peaceful fish, which, as a rule, does not show much activity in the winter time. But it is possible to catch it in the winter, for example, in February, on the hook? . And, among other things, the carp in this month sometimes becomes the prey of even the most sophisticated and experienced fishermen.

Now you need to discover methods to catch this very well-known and fairly common fish in February.

The pond in which to fish, must have good access to oxygen and not be too muddy. Il is a kind of repository for carp, in which it buries itself for the winter. And if such a shelter is not, then the carp is in a state of wakefulness and floats freely in the surrounding waters in search of food.

If you know that the pond is inhabited by such fishes as roach and perch, rest assured that carp there too, as all these fish are very sensitive to the good saturation of water with oxygen.

Tackle for carp fishing can be divided into two kinds: jig and float rod.

Most carp anglers use spinner, the choice of which is very ambiguous. In some cases, carp are actively biting on silver colour, others darker, so the important here will be to experiment. Used coachmen – yo, pellet or droplet. The line is adjusted depending on the expected size of fish. But generally, its thickness ranges from 0.08 to 0.14 mm

The float rod should be used during very very careful bite, as the fish will be afraid of the hook with soldered to it a sinker, and would prefer to just bloodworms. There is a very important point: keep the float under water, so it is not frosting, and hook take on the order of a smaller size than the summer to enable you to successfully stick on him bloodworms. Usually take the hooks N of 2.5 – 3.5.

As already mentioned, the Joker is the main bait for catching carp. To wear it you need several pieces. It is important to periodically change the moth, because the carp in this area is rather squeamish fish. As bait successfully used also dung and earth worms prepared in advance in the autumn. They need to be stored in small boxes with the earth. From time to time, the ground need to moisturize. Is that the carp are very active bite on the usual dough, which is necessary to produce from rye flour or wheat flour. In the dough some anglers sometimes add honey or egg yolk. Batter fishing is charged in a syringe (for convenience and to prevent freezing store in a pocket).

And for the more successful fish is recommended to use the feeding. It is especially important to lure in the winter months, especially in February, because at this time the fish hard to find food. For this purpose, enough meal, bloodworms or breadcrumbs. Before you use the bait, it should be good to soak and form balls the size of a small tangerine, which is lowered into the hole two or three pieces before the process of fishing. But the best effect is just from regular feedings. To catch carp you need in those holes where the depth is not less than three meters. But it also happens that in search of the catch is necessary to periodically move on the ice.

If one place nibble was absent for more than an hour then you need to change this place. Sometimes, the fisherman are lucky to find the so-called «Parking» carp. Then the trophy will not be one kilogram.

Most favorable for catching carp clear, Sunny weather. Even better if it is accompanied by a thaw, which often begins in late February. The best biting of a crucian is usually on the last and the first ice.

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