The bite of the fish and its cuttings

Seeing the movement of the float that the fish tastes the nozzle (bite), keep the hand on the rod and closely monitor the further behavior of the float. It is important to do cutting — energetic movement of the rod to force the hook is pierced into the mouth of a fish. The purpose of the trip is safer to catch a fish hook. Experienced anglers are well able to capture this short moment.


Cutting is one of the most responsible and challenging actions for fishing, which depends on the value of the catch. Novice anglers usually start catching those fish that boldly grab hook with bait, why float confidently shows the bite just disappears under water. So the perch is biting, and some other fish.

When float fishing the bite and time of the cuttings depends on several reasons. Here’s the important species of fish that you catch, she is hungry, type of nozzles, tackle, etc. But need to learn the basic rule: cutting will have an effect when its done on time and with sufficient force to puncture the lips of the fish hook. In some cases, the special role played by the time to start cuttings. For example:

• for reservoirs over small nozzle the fish immediately swallows, but if she somehow came to her taste, immediately spits it back. So, it is necessary to strike instantly as soon as the float move;

• when the catch from the bottom of the large nozzle, on the contrary, the fish should be given time to she was able to swallow it. Sometimes bream almost a minute is applied to the nozzle and this leads to continuous oscillation of the float — so you have to wait.

The nature of the cuttings

The nature of the cuttings when fishing on popravochku depends on the ratio of the length of the rod and the length of the line:

• if the length of the line is slightly greater than the length of the rod, to strike need the short movement of the rod, should work the wrist and the elbow. Widely swing the rod in this case is not necessary, as it will not give a sharp and slow cutting, and when fishing for big fish easily lead to breakage of the fishing line;

• if the line is long and the float is released far away, then hooking the broader sweep of the rod, in this case, work shoulder to quickly clean up the resulting slack line.

The effect of undercutting depends on the movement of the hand of the fisherman, and several other factors. For example, if the stinger hook buried deep in the head. In this case, you need to strike hard. Much should reel it in and if heavy the float is deeply immersed in water, because require additional force to overcome water resistance.

Power sweeps

The strength of the undercutting depends on the method of its execution:

• when fishing a light float rod small fish of floor water, it is sharp and short movement;

• when fishing a light rod for smoothly hooking accelerated, but not narrow movement;

• when fishing on a dimensional nozzle, for example, is a earth worm — a sharp narrow flick of the wrist;

• if the line is tight (slack) or heavy on her float with the load — a sharp, but wide wave of his hand.

With the correct cutting direction of movement of the float must be of the opposite stroke of the rod. The force of the stroke is transferred faster of the hook, and the hook is stronger clung to the fish.

Immediately after hooking the rod should occupy a position suitable for subsequent fish playing.

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