The best bait for winter fishing — bloodworm

Planning to get out ice fishing, many anglers prefer different bits of bloodworms.

Among the advantages of bloodworms are its versatility. Love her almost all active species. In this case, the bait can be used as a treat, and as bait.

But, so popular bloodworms? It should be noted that closer to the spring season, the roach starts to ignore bloodworms. And she no longer taste the burdock. To understand the situation, it is important to distinguish between types of nozzles.

A species of moth

Large bloodworms

This moth may reach 30 mm. buy It before fishing. In another case, you need to know the rules of its storage. The standard method is to wet the fabric, which wrapped up the moth and placed in the refrigerator. Also you can cut a small depression in half the potatoes, previously cut in half. Now the crank is placed into the recess and cover the second half vegetable. Part of potatoes is associated with a thread to be sure.

Before using bloodworms should be gently spread out on paper and sprinkle a little starch. Thus, in operation, the larvae will not stick together.

Black moth

This moth catches in the hole for feeding and is used in the form of a nozzle. It is recommended for most anglers.

Among its advantages are strength and mobility. Pulling out a fish, the larva can not be changed.

This bait loves ruff. But as a nozzle – roach. For greater effect, black moth combine with burdock.

Feed bloodworms, small

The larvae are used as bait. Very seldom fishermen give preference to feed bloodworms as a nozzle.


Feature bloodworms can be called its size. It ranges from coarse to fine. Larvae have a peculiar smell and constantly stick together with each other.

The survivability of the moth can be attributed to its advantages. Skewer the larvae is compact, a few pieces on the hook. For fish, it is important that the nozzle was alive.

How to stick to bloodworms

In the quiet windless weather bloodworms skewer, covering the shank.

If the bite does not bring the desired catch and a fish constantly «devour the bait, while the hook to sit down is not willing, you need to take action. Enough to tie the bait the hook of a smaller size and impose on him only bloodworms so that one part of the larvae hanging down.

In strong currents you need to plant the bait in the amount of 5-7 pieces under the head of «brush». For butterflies will vary, attracting fish.

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