The best bait, and bait for carp fishing

Carp is the most delicious and nutritious fish of rivers, lakes, reservoirs. But, however, very picky as fishermen for catching this fish can use all bait and bait.

Carp are best caught on boilie is made and dough and cooked balls. But modern fishermen claim that everything new is well forgotten old. And so think about ordinary corn.

As bait, all the same, equal to corn. First, it is much cheaper; second, more economical and easier, especially if you go on long fishing trips.

But to achieve greater success, you need to follow certain practical tips on cooking lunch for carp.

First soak the yellow beans in water to be swollen. Swipe after heat treatment – boil, but not razvarivaya, porridge, fish don’t like. It is best to soak the corn until, until you receive the smell of acid. Here is a treat for carp. You can sweeten the bait — add spices or sugar).

Yellow for the fish is also very nice.

If you fish in a place where people like you enough, you should be different from other fishermen, and your bait should be distinctive from others, its specific smell. Try adding a banana. And you can flavor the meat (e.g., liver).

Head of corn are also very good for carp fishing. If you use corn you can just buy canned and to go fishing. Last year, for example, a favorite food of the fish was corn in vanilla company «Bonduelle».

Also a good idea to use steamed peas. At night, pour boiling water, in the morning the bait is ready.

Boiled carrot is also a good bait. It is boiled, add the sugar, purify the skin, cut into cubes. Very often it happens that the carp and the pond a lot, but he’s not biting, at this point can help out such bait.

Dung red worms make good use if the water is still not warm.

And, in General, the carp is a kind of fish that you can catch up on everything you love for yourself, as it is important to have flavorful and nutritious. And , it is possible that you will invent a universal bait, the likes of which will not be none, and the product for this will be the most unpredictable and common.

Use advice or reinvent yourself, you have a good catch.


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