The basics of successful winter fishing from the ice

How often to fish on the ice of a lake or river, some fishermen, whose bite is poor, the observed pattern when others even with a single hole get a significant catch. But how to explain it? And now, let’s try to understand the principles of fishing which help to get better results.

Any fish, like most other living organisms, has its own habits, tastes and color preferences. Moreover, with regard to the latter two factors — they can change during the day several times. It is important to experiment with the choice of mormyshki, tips, and ways to lure and attract the fish. But first we need to find her.

Fish finder, drilling holes

Most species of fish choose places for feeding in adjacent layers of water (i.e. places with cross currents, backwater, Bocharov), since the probability to find there the food is greatly increased. To find fish you must drill holes in potentially favorable feeding areas and experience biting into them, dropping mormyshku to the bottom, and you can also experiment at different depths. The fact that the fish, despite the different habits of certain species, has a huge interest, and even when the food she’s not familiar, it is, in most cases, will be to mormyshke and the nozzle of interest is not yet determined: like her bait or not. And so in the hole that is drilled above the feeding place, will definitely bite.

Bait and color

After the discovery of the «good holes» we need to determine the depth of fishing. If the bite is sluggish, but their number is decent, then you need to try to change mormyshku to a lighter or different color. Also for color attraction you can use different colored beads for jewelry, which emits color different kinds of larvae and the other, familiar fish food.

Angling and game

During the winter fishing very often, when the fixed nozzle and mormyshku reactions in fish less than moving food. For this there are different types of movements, which is able to increase the fish active interest and help to catch more fish. Types of games for some fish described at different sites and in the fishing books, also if you for the first time at this pond, you can watch the game, followed by the other fishermen to get a solid catch.

Freezing ice on the water surface of drilled hole, and also from the fishing line of the fishing rod is very important to remove the formed thin ice as it is difficult to control the bite and spook the fish during any of the movements of the fishing line in the water. And remember: to achieve a good catch, you need to constantly observe, have patience and experiment constantly.

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