The basics of successful fishing

People since ancient times appreciated the impact of fishing on the health and mood of a person. Fishing is a common hobby for people of all ages. And a good catch depends on few important factors.

The first thing from the fisherman. If he is able to observe, to analyze, to penetrate the world of nature, to look, to wait, to hope and not to be disappointed, he will always get a satisfactory result. The key to successful fishing is the right choice of gear and a good bait the inhabitants of the pond.

Today, fishing equipment, food and necessary accessories to choose quite easily. Bait is fish food, which is prepared specifically in order to attract the fish. It should be cast to the plot of the pond, where you plan to fish. Bait encourages fish to more vigorous action. This increases the opportunity to catch a water dweller on the hook. To lure the fish must gradually, in small portions. To attract fish you can use of flavored additives. Depending on the inhabitants of the pond you can easily pick up the aroma for bait. Some underwater inhabitants will go to smell of caramel, and the others in a light spicy bouquet. Also often use feeding with a mixed smell of various fruit. To increase the result of the mixture add vegetable essences.

An important criterion for any fishing — weather conditions! To catch happy, it is necessary to explore the future weather situation. You must know in advance the strength of the wind, its direction, temperature, atmospheric pressure, in order not to lose a day wasted sitting on the shore without a catch. So cannot be neglected and the temperature of the water. The catch will be good if fishing on warm days. The force of the wind and its direction is also important in fishing. Checked southwest wind brings warm air, a very positive effect on the appetite of the inhabitants of the lake.

Great attention should be paid to the boat, boots, gear. However, we should not forget that the clothing of the fisherman plays an important role in fishing. It should be practical, comfortable, waterproof, durable. Like all clothing, it should have many pockets. The shoes of the fisherman should be waterproof, light and high. Choosing a boat you need to decide how it will be used. For small ponds with quiet good for will go inflatable boat that is easy to transport and store.

The word «biting» truly miraculous for any angler. If you have a nibble – the joy of the fisherman has no limits. Leading the conversation about biting, you should specify the place where it was, approximate depth, nozzle and so on. Huge impact on the bite has itself set. Fish never bite if the lure is not coming to her liking Experimentation with baits sometimes can have a positive impact on the process of fishing. For many fishing is the meaning of life. It is a complete sport. The main purpose is not fishing, and pleasure, which the fishermen get from the process, and a sense of delight in their achievements. A lot of effort must be made to catch the desired fish. And it can rightly be called a true art. A lot of effort is spent on it to this fish out of the pond. There must be care and accuracy to catch left damaged. Successfully selected individual bait will help to get good result on the fishing.

After, the rod must be equipped with a hook, weight, line and float.

To ease gear and increase the sensitivity to the bites it is better to choose the minimum weight and size of gear.

Good catch!!!

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