The basic rules of dog training at home.

Anyone who has ever faced dogs training, knows what to teach your dog even the simplest command is sometimes very difficult. Therefore, to begin the training of your pet should be at an early age about 2 months. So the more chances that he will develop all the desired positive qualities (courage, endurance, obedience).

To begin to teach your puppy the command «come». After each underground dog you should reward her for the correct execution of the command. As a reward you can treat your puppy some treats. It is also very important at this age to teach the animal to respond to his nickname. If the dog for whatever reason doesn’t want to run the command, calling her to him, shouting in any case impossible. This can lead to even greater disobedience and mistrust to the dog trainer.

It is also very important that the puppy knew a place where he can rest. For this it is necessary to accustom him to the command «place». If the dog does not want to carry this team and doesn’t want to go into place, it is possible to hold and even slightly punished.

It is very important to accustom the animal to the command «walk». This is especially important for pet dogs that are unable to exit, you can shit right in the apartment. To avoid this, you need to watch your pet. When he starts to fuss, signaling that he wants to recover, it must immediately release to the street, while giving the command «walk». This way you can achieve that after some time, the dog out of habit, she will ask on the street, when she will have to recover.

The leash and collar is best to teach your puppy aged 3-4 months. Approach to this should be done gradually at first, wearing only the collar and then the leash. With 5-6 months you can start to teach the animal to walk close to the handler. It should be noted that the puppy needs to go from the left leg of the owner. To begin to use the leash. During our walk, we must constantly speak the command «next». After the puppy has learned the command, you can try to walk without a leash.

It is important that the dog was accustomed to the whistle, because the hunt can not do without it. In order for the puppy better have learned your lesson, you can use the whistle after the calling of his nickname. And, of course, do not forget to reward the pet a treat.

Also it is necessary to develop in the dog is aging relative to the capture feed. This uses commands such as «forward», «no», «take», «slower». All these commands should say the dog by putting it near a bowl of food.

And last, what you should teach your pet in the home is a supply of various items. After mastering all of the above commands you can go to 2nd stage of training – training in the conditions of hunting in the forest, marsh, field.

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