The ban on spring fishing

Fishing directly depends on how carefully we treat it. The spring ban on fishing is introduced not in vain in the first place it is aimed to protect the spawning period. At this stage, fishing is prohibited by law. Opening of fishing season on each reservoir separately. The ban on fishing is strictly regulated by law. And so you catch a fish from April 10 to June 10, 2013 temporarily banned.

There are some limitations that are in effect at the time of the ban:

1.You can fish with one rod.

2.Hook No. 10

3.In the day time.

4.And you can fish just being on the beach.

There is a list of places where fishing is prohibited. The Volga river, which is located at a distance of a kilometer from the dam, located in Dubna downstream is banned, the exception may be the small coves to the right of the dam. The prohibition of fishing acts Pestovskogo reservoir from the mouth of the river Cocottes, where the Bay through the Marina on the right Bank to camp. In the Gulf of red hill, located on the Klyazma reservoir. On the tributaries of the river Lucena located in Solnechnogorskoye and the Dmitrov district.

The terms established by the law in the time of prohibition of fishing in 2013 will continue with the tenth of April to the tenth of June ,in that time you can fish using only one rod and only being on the coast, where the spawning fish does not pass. Also in this period, is strictly prohibited fishing in the spawning holes of the fish.

The ban is introduced the following fish species: sturgeon, trout, catfish, grayling, Zope, sabrefish, Bursch, crayfish, lamprey, the white-eye.

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