The autumn pike fishing on the float rod

Deep autumn is the best time for catching predatory fish on live bait and pike including. Using various zhivtsovy gear, such as mugs, summer imitation fish, and, of course, with a float rod. On the latter will be discussed in this article.


The main thing is to equip a fishing rod for pike. For fishing need to take a couple of spinning rods and put them in bezynertsionnymi coil required with the clutch. Acceptable length of the rod is 3 meters, and on lakes and wide rivers can be used up to 4 meters. Rods with greater length heavier, so use them for pike is very impractical (to make a sharp cutting very difficult). The spool can be equipped with as monofilament line and braided line. In the first case you will have enough diameter 0.25-0.35 mm, in the second you can do with the thickness much smaller – 0.1-0.13 mm. Definitely need to put a leash and tungsten or metal. What hook to put on the tackle? Well, this is for the consideration of the angler: tees, twin, single – what to put for you to decide. The shape of the float is not critical, as long as it was heavy enough – 10-15 grams. If you use large bait fish, it is better to put such a float to the movements of live bait was not passed on him in the form of vibrations, sudden movements, about of the strikes.


Small and medium fish (live bait) can be purchased at fishing stores. But it’s better to catch him on the water, going fishing. This can be done in several ways:

1. To catch the bait. Some anglers often combine fishing pike fishing peaceful fish. So to speak, not to be bored. Use bloodworms, semolina, worm as bait and catch a Rudd, perch, bullheads, sometimes erseka is magnificent specimens for the role of bait.

2. Use melanocyte – device for catching bait fish (much like a spider, or as they are called in the people — «grip», but the size is much smaller). The principle of fishing is quite simple – you throw melanocyte in the water, wait a few minutes, get. Today it is the most effective method for the production of fry for catching predators.

3. If you have no melanocyte or a fishing rod for catching small fish don’t get upset. After all, you can almost always ask for some fish from other fishermen.

Tactics for catching

As such fishing tactics does not exist. You come to the pond, baited with live bait, throw gear in the water and wait for fish to bite. If it was not for 10-15 minutes – change place. Often it is enough just to move 10 meters. This files most often catch pike on live bait in the floor of the water, but you can from the bottom. The main thing is to experiment and without a catch.


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