The area of residence and leashes, marten or what you need to know for a successful hunt

Marten — fur animal that lives in the Central part of Russia. Hunting is by license only, otherwise it is punishable by a fine in the amount of 5 minimum wages.

Quality fur from a marten appears closer to winter, so the hunt for her begins in October. Agile and strong, the pine marten is a predator that likes to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and grouse and other game birds. The marten loves honey.

In coniferous forests, where the beech marten often lives, it can be found in the trees. Down to earth it only for hunting, often after dark. On the daily chart, it can be found in the hollow of a tree, on the ground under the branches or roots of trees.

Marten – lovers to visit the rural chicken coops. Suppressing a couple of chickens, she does not hesitate to lie down for a rest right in the barns or in attics poor victims. Gon in Martens, flows to the month, starting in the summer. After birth 3-5 babies, the marten breeds in the hollow of a tree, often high, and raising them until fall, and then releases to independent living.

Hunting for this animal is the axe, the double-barreled shotgun 28 gauge for gladkostvol, and 5.6 mm. for rifled barrel.

Hunting with Laika

Hunting with a dog you need to go early in the morning. Scouting in advance where most lives marten, is necessary to approve the place for hunting, and to follow the dog until she stumbles on the right track. As soon as the dog takes the voice, the hunter must hurry to the place of occurrence. However, the marten climbs very quickly back into the trees, where feel it can only be abuse.

Good Laika is a well-bred dog from puppyhood, when she took hunting with him and taught to chase the marten, and the most important thing – not to lose it before the arrival of the hunter.

To drive the marten out of the hollow, the hunter gently knocking or scraping the trunk of the tree. If this does not help, you can use the bar, or cut down a tree with an axe. In this case, the abuse must also be ready, and the hunter begins to clean up branches and debris around the asylum marten.

Hunting with tracking

Without a dog, hunting the marten can be done by tracking. In winter, when the marten is most often on the ground, it can be found on the trail. On snow they are like the hare, however, in contrast, marten tracks rarely confuses. When marten moved through the trees, it can hunt down with small twigs and pieces of bark under the trees. They fall when it moves from branch to branch. Losing traces of Martens, you need to check the holes and other possible hiding places.

Hunting with traps

The best thing for marten to use traps servisov1, 2 and 3. Over the trap between the trees set the bait, and the trap tied to the branches.

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