The Arabian breed (slugi) everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Greyhound has long been wandering with nomadic tribes of Arabs on the Northern and North-Eastern Africa, helping them to hunt for game. Currently very popular in Morocco. On the exterior it is among pedigree dogs because of lean muscles, thin skin and Jogging. She is very attached to its owner, though her inherent arrogance and nobility.

With the instinct of the hunter, the dog is working but happy to live in the apartment. Arab Greyhound-type standardized, with short hair, it is used for hunting the rut. For slugi characterized by short, exactly fits the coat, and thin. The suit is red and gray sand, tan, with a black «mask» or not, sand or light sand, with a black «collar».

Height of males reaches seventy-two cm In impeccable growth is 70 cm, body is 67 — 68 cm, Bitches grow up to sixty eight wonders. Ideally, the height is sixty-five cm, when the torso should have 62 – 63 cm slugi the Skin is thin, has no waves and strong hugs. The torso almost horizontal with a short back, ending in a thin tail, reaches hock.

Head, top like an elongated triangle, and the profile is long, refined and elegant, but a little powerful, She is slender and long neck, slightly curved in profile. The eyes of the animal are large and dark in color (light color is usually the color of amber) to protrude slightly eye sockets sit deep, sometimes a little cover up for centuries, slightly oblique. Arab Greyhound eyes full of nostalgia, it is soft and a little sad.

In Greyhound’s muzzle is pointed, oblong triangular, about the same length as the skull. The dogs mouth is linear, has a right, like tongs, a strong jaw, to the bottom of which are adjacent the lips flexible and soft. The angle of the mouth is weak. Nasal mirror is a little heavy, with the tip of the nose without bone, slightly bent down. Have slugi large, but not very, the ears are well attached to the head set high hanging, the ends have the form of a rounded triangle.

The dog has a strong muscular limbs. The shoulders are slightly sloping and long, lean forearm. Gachi flat, strong bone, hocks sufficiently curved and strong. Arab Greyhound typical pace in walk, trot and canter.

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