The Alpine ibex is its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Alpine ibex, also called buxom or Capricorn. This animal is one of the members of the family of mountain goats. To see ibexa only in the Alpine mountains. Local skiers always surprised by the ability of mountain goats can easily jump over steep rocks, at an altitude of four thousand meters above sea level. Living on the borders of the forest and ice. In the winter the animals come down the mountain slopes a little lower to find food. Alpine goats are forced to hide from predatory animals, because in this area there are a lot of them. IBExU going to drink or nipping the grass, always leave guard one guard a goat that warns the herd of danger.

A distinctive feature of goats is their large, curved horns. The bumps on the horns have very different features across the surface. Males grow up to a meter in length, while females are seen only small horns. Mountain goats are quite large animals, they can weigh hundreds of kilograms, while the height at the withers of up to 1.5 meters. Females much smaller than males, the weight rarely exceeds 45 kg. in Winter, the coat color is gray, and summer change to light-brown hue. Both sexes have a small beard.

Horns are not just for protection from enemies. From November to January, a period of active rut when single males looking for a suitable herd of mountain goats. During mating season, ibex arrange fierce battles that often end in serious injuries. Won the male competitor and runs until the end of the rut is close with selected females. June is the calving females, kids lurk among the hillsides and wait for the arrival of the mother. On legs calves become almost from birth. Goats feed on mother’s milk 9-11 months, and then start looking for food in the mountains. Males are always kept apart, while the females remain in the herd constantly.

Capricorns could disappear from the face of the earth in the nineteenth century, when the bones, horns and animal blood attributed mystic powers to cure any disease. Foresters and estestven managed to protect endangered species.

Due to the large population of mountain goats has been allowed a controlled shooting since 1977. Local residents with approval refer to the resettlement of Capricorn on new areas, it increases the flow of tourists wishing to see ibexes.

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