The Afghan hound (Bakhmul) everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Bakhmul, better known as the Afghan hound is one of the oldest breeds of hunting dogs. This is a noble, hardy, independent nature of the animal is indispensable for lovers of hunting.

The opinions of experts about the origin of this breed differ. Some argue that these dogs came from the Middle East, others believe that the birthplace of the Afghan Greyhound – Pakistan (formerly Northern India). It is known that the ancient nomads called these animals AK-Tait, that is, the white Greyhound dog, really appreciated them for what they were irreplaceable helpers in the hunt for wolves, gazelles, foxes, hares, and snow leopards. In Russia this breed was introduced in the early 20th century. The breed standard was approved in 1985, one of the brightest representatives of Afghan greyhounds — Happy-about-Barca.

The Afghan hound has a proportional and harmonious build. The height of the animal at the withers ranges from 65 to 73 cm, cables tend to have higher growth. Index of prolixity of a dog’s body is 100-104 cm

The back is straight, of medium length, has a well-developed musculature. The loin is flat and strong enough. The ribs are the correct shape. Maloki this breed is located at a great distance from each other. The belly is tucked up, the gait is easy and springy.

Chairman bakhale has an elongated shape with prominent occipital bone and a soft transition from forehead to muzzle, covered with thick hair. The muzzle is elongated with powerful jaws, decorated with a large obliquely set, almond-shaped eyes, dark hazel in color. The nose is elongated but not narrow, has a predominantly black lobe. The ears are long, drooping form, set at eye level, hidden in a «burqa».

The Afghan hound (Bakhmul) everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Dogs of this breed are long, straight, fine, silky coat. Because of their wool breed these dogs got their name. Bakhmul in the language of pustov means velvet. The coat color is predominantly yellow and white, although there are other colors. Despite the length and density of the wool, it requires no special care. The tail twirled in a ring, covered with sparse tougher than body hair.

The front paws from the breed the Afghan hound is quite large and strong, like all of the dog’s body, covered with long and dense hair have arched fingers, long, sloping and springy pasterns. Rear legs for the front, but also densely covered with hair.

The Afghan hound has a noble, majestic appearance. This dog is a harmonious combination of softness and tranquility with speed, agility and strength. The nature of the dog has pronounced traits of a leader.

Indispensable in hunting, the Afghan hound makes a sharp eyesight, sensitive hearing and well developed intuition. In case the dog shows perseverance, passion, skill, commitment, life – balance and tranquility. Bakhmul good watchdog and protector. An important feature of the breed is in good health, resistance to cold and the ability to quickly restore their strength.

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