The advantages of fly fishing front spinning reel and float rod

Art fishing fly fishing is one of the oldest and most original. Any other mood can not convey a more natural imitation of the bait and its wiring. In the old days, fly fishing caught a noble fish such as salmon, taimen, lenok. Therefore the stereotype that they can’t catch other fish. But it is misleading. Currently, catch fly fishing, from perch and roach, grayling and ending with the above noble breeds.

Fly baits consist of flies that mimic different insects that live in the pond and larvae. The main differences between fly fishing from spinning, are that: a) they are caught not only on the surface but in the depths of the water. b) fishing in the rivers and calm water.

Naturalness posting a skillful angler, and tempt the elusive fish. Fly fishing you can fish where other gear just useless. This fully manifests itself when fishing for perch, in the period of intensive feeding. When he throws a fry hunting. To find the flock perch in this moment is not difficult, jumping out of the water fry gives out his whereabouts. Any other methods of fishing, including float fishing rod with ultralight mood, similar to sh in the area can not. After all, most of the fish, as if gently to her nose did not let the bait, sensing danger, will gone. Fly fishing, on the contrary, do not present themselves before the most cautious fish. They need only to pull the mood to find perch and secured.

Fly fishing is able to have the most passive predators by posting a streamer. It is at long stops. Something similar you can simulate the spinning, but it will take a lot of effort and skills. As a result, if would be achieved in the best case, much less.

Fly-fishing is costing more economical in all respects. Take the spinning, despite the fact that it is cheaper, however, its equipment in the form of different baits requires insane resources. Fishing float rod is a lot of different baits and financial costs of worms, maggots, bloodworms. Fly fishing you can sh in a pond, even without bait and the cost of bait. All that it need is a fly that can be linked to the most skillful and the cast. The rest is a matter of technique, simulation of nozzle, is not inferior to the living insects will do the job.

Despite all the charm of fly-fishing, it has some difficulties: 1. Good gear is expensive, but worth it. 2. Given the characteristics of fly fishing, to practice the technique of casting to two times longer than the same spinning. 3. To pick up the bait without experience or a good mentor, will be extremely difficult. 4. The usual bog boots is not rid. Zapadnye need special pants allow you to go deeper into the water.

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