The advantages and disadvantages of semi-automatic shotguns MC 12-12

Semi-automatic MC 12-12 refers to domestic weapons, but it is in principle suggests that it is unreliable. We have seen only positive reviews about this weapon and, in particular, stated that he is a very powerful option. Today we decided to do a little review.

Machine MTS 12-12 has a decent weight, steel box, full trunk, which has attachments made in long, and there is a sliding system that gives you the ability to make shots powerful patrons, while the hunter absolutely no need to worry about a strong impact, as it is just not there. Many readers will probably be interested to know what type of hunting is more suitable for this machine. Experts say that the machine MC 12-12 designed for the same type of game, where there is a possibility to make a series of shots.

Some professional hunters are arguments that the third and all subsequent shots are essential in order to correct all their mistakes, but in fact this statement is not always logical. Although this is in General, in any case can not be denied. Experts in the field of hunting, able from a single pack to choose from three or more birds, or it could also be a pack of wolves. Of course, such situations happen very rarely, but still they exist.

Weapon type MC 21 can be attributed to a complex type rifles, of course, where you can immediately find that for a beginner who is just starting to get acquainted with hunting, the choice of weapons will be incorrect. In order to master MC 21 will take about five years before a hunter will be able to cope with it and conduct effective hunting. You should take a look at hunting magazines, and then you will be clear how it serves its owners.

With 21 MTS in the standard version you contact will be extremely difficult, there will be more to carry, than is required for your professionalism. If you have a General concept of the weapon, then you probably understand that you will need to modify it. Today, there are a large number of materials about evidence you can find in various publications. Of course, if you start to study the information, then we can detect not the most pleasant time, because every specialist at their describes how to modify weapons, and in this regard, you may have diverse opinions, that anything good, unfortunately, can not lead. A great advantage of the refinement is that if it is produced properly, in General, weapons will serve you much longer than a standard modification.

During the inspection of the automatic MTS 21 of course, as in other weapon you can find disadvantages. Perhaps, the main disadvantage lies in the balance, and the machine is absolutely embarrassing managed. Still if you take the quality to the downside, then you may find that their order more. To the main positive point, you can carry a decent weight, and accordingly has a large inertia leash. The gun is less than straying from the line of the leash because you have a weak impact, this means that a hunter can hold the next shot much faster. In total it will depend on performance in the hunt, because of the strong return still need to recover in order to make another shot, and meanwhile the fowl could disappear from sight and hunting will eventually just failed. The recoil of the barrel is easily adjustable from the temperature of the air is done with the help of lubrication as well as the rollover buffer rings.

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