The action spring in a hunting rifle,what to do if it broke

The topic of this article called thoughts on the spring TOS-34 Kolmakov. Of course, any opinion is always subjective, but notes that the author of this model is quite objective and there are no specific complaints.

But there are author and one weakness – mention of the gift gun CBT-25 16 gauge. That gun is long familiar to many hunters and it could do well to show yourself in the real world, so there’s no shame in such love for this famous and popular model in our country. This rifle has far more benefits than the actual disadvantages, so it is a worthy choice for an experienced hunter.

But the main mistake which is often repeated by many – in case of failure of the spring and its failures can be replaced by a similar part made of steel wire. Hard to know what is the reason for such strange reasons, because really they don’t have a complete Foundation.

So, talk a little bit about the technology of the manufacture of springs for guns. For starters, this item requires treatment, it results in a spring set the primary configurations for its production. Treatment depends on the further use of springs and properties needed when using specific type of weapons.

Some springs now come in soft, so that they can be given almost any shape, elasticity, and the step of winding. But a number of springs have to fly to give them the necessary properties. The future spring is enough to heat up to save the specified settings and properties for the use of weapons.

When using other metals, you will need to carry out additional operations to impart the necessary properties of the future spring. In theory, this is quite possible to do in the garage when using improvised means. But you have to know the production process and the degree of nakolki, so you have a really high quality spring. Inexperience and errors will lead to the fact that the spring will not be able to accumulate energy, and therefore, it to wear out very quickly and burst. Homemade spring can be used for the latch that has no special action, but mainspring homemade substitutes won’t do.

So, it is better to be proud of other advantages of the gun, and not try to give his qualities of versatility in replacing the original springs with homemade options, in any case, you need an item made exclusively at the plant.

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