That it is necessary to know that would not be a poacher

Each person, according to the biologists, is by nature a predator. During the existence of civilization, it was destroyed several thousand species of animals, birds and fish, which can now be seen except on the pages of picture books. Nature conservation has engaged in many organizations and there is a law on illegal hunting, for failure to comply with rules which are threatened by criminal liability.

Poaching is the prey of wild animals, birds and fish with a violation of hunting regulations and legal requirements for the protection of wildlife. Poaching was persecuted in our country since ancient times, but then it was forbidden to hunt only in foreign territories, and the punishment for the offense was pretty loyal. In our time, illegal hunting is punishable by large fines, correctional labour or imprisonment up to 6 months, depending on the severity of the crime. The man who used his position to carry out criminal plans, shall be punished by a fine of up to 300,000 rubles with the ban in the future to occupy certain positions.

For hunting you must obtain a license, which is issued by authorized organizations. In this state, the document may be limiting the production of certain kinds of animals, indicating the number which must not be exceeded. Also set deadlines for hunting every year, they can change. Hunting can be done on this area using allowed by the law methods of hunting.

During the breeding season hunting is prohibited, an exception may be only wild animals that are dangerous to the life of the people. In this case, issued a special order, and shooting a person authorised. Guns for hunting should be registered in law enforcement and is required to have certain characteristics. It is strictly forbidden to hunt in nature reserves or national parks. Often lovers of easy money are going to do everything to obtain a valuable fur, rare or expensive trophy tusks of elephants. Endangered species have a special status and require special protection.

Poachers often use barbaric methods of hunting. Combating illegal forms of hunting, but poaching has become increasingly common, are also used more advanced devices for the hunt.

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