Than «hundreds», or spinning on the test range.

The test allows to determine the range that you can achieve maximum throw of the rod has loads of different weight – fourteen, twenty-eight and forty grams.

For each of these goods were taken the same coil size three thousand standard Shimano. Preparations for the test included the selection of the thickness of the cord that would be appropriate for each mass. When choosing the thickness was taken into account that «shootings» do not exceed two to three percent.

The cord is constantly changing with more strong in that case, if the lure came to the right place. And as a result, the best option for consignments having a weight of forty, and twenty-eight grams was the Capitan of 0.23 mm, for loads fourteen grams of the best option was cord Unitika PE PS 8.5 kg Each of the rods were used for the two accusations in the test, the task of which was two people, thus made four cast.

One of the participants of the experiment used the technique of the casting that runs smooth movements. It is clear from the positions of the rods using the so called slow down in fishing, which is used by Amateurs. The second experimenter used the advantage of the sharp reproaches. These are radically different from each other was necessary in order to more fully and consistently examine the fishing rods, which differ in the structure and dynamics.

Shots with a maximum display, as a rule, do not apply. Only in rare cases, a fisherman, saw a significant but achievable distance, the splash of fish could be such a jerk. And in most cases, the fisherman does not put your strength and energy in such a rebuke. Answering the question about the reasons for the test, you may recall the discussion about the factors influencing the range at which we throw the bait. Different opinions, one of them, for example, based on the fact that the length of the rod affect the value of the distance of the cast.

The following assigns the range of the rod slow down. That’s why the test was intended to determine which of these interpretations is true. In addition, it is also important to determine at what maximum range can be made a reproach. Interestingly, this question formed one of the sites for fishermen: what you need to buy a spinning reel to throw «hundreds».

Different answers to this question contained and recommendations, and humor. And really, does spinning, which you can easily swing over a hundred meters?

The rod used in the test was samyami diverse, among them a fishing rod more than four feet and quite small, having a length of less than two and a half meters. In the test program and used the cheapest options and the spinning of modern expensive materials, the cost of which exceeds five hundred dollars. It was also the task to determine the effect of modularity of the material from which is made the rod to increase distance casting. Were taken as samples from various manufacturers, from famous brands to very cheap rods that are created in China.

It was designed to test the main and subsidiary tests, in which each participant could choose any pole that, in his opinion, undeniable advantages. All the participants tried to throw the weight of forty grams, using the cord of the smallest thickness. These conditions were almost perfect and they were given the opportunity to understand not only the terms of maximum achievable distance but also the effect of the thickness of the cord on the range.

Had taken the load, to which was attached part of a nylon belt with a length of five centimeters, although the tape and did not perform the function of Twister, but was a distinguishing factor for the observer, the expert, estimates the range, and avoided contact with him. Conditions for testing was very favorable – great weather and a beautiful meadow of a large enough size. What the results showed? The test failed to conduct at a predetermined program with a wide variety of reasons. And all the other nuances that we previously considered important, was totally unnecessary.

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