Tents for winter fishing

Winter fishing — this song! Long gone are the days when anglers on the ice fishing to protect yourself from wind, frost or bad weather, I pulled on my ugly design yourself made out of polyethylene film.

Modern industry has to offer the avid angler a variety of options for protection that will allow in any weather to feel comfortable. One of the options of protection – tent.

Types of tents

On design features of tents for winter fishing can be divided into two categories: tent frame type tents and machines.

What are the characteristics of each type?

Tents machines give preference to fishermen who use active fishing methods. Their advantage lies in their mobility, in a matter of seconds they can be assembled and disassembled. Their main drawback — high windage, poor resistance to wind. For comfortable fishing the stability of this tent is insufficient. To eliminate such a disadvantage, it is impossible, no matter what kind of stretch marks fishing is not used.

Tents are set up for ice fishing, compared to machines, are set long enough. But they store a lot more, and their stability is much better.

Because of these characteristics of the fishermen who have a lot of running around the pond and is rarely at one place spend more than five minutes, for example, fans of the rocker or spinner, we can recommend a tent-machine.

And lovers of fishing whitefish when you need perseverance and long hours waiting for the fish, a great option would be a frame tent.

Tents-umbrellas belong to the category of tents, machines. The feature of this tent is that it opens up like an umbrella. At the same time the design features of this tent allowed us to successfully combine the portability, ease her active resistance to wind loads.

This design is a tent with four or six rays, which are the spokes integrated. Covered with a tent are long lasting and very durable fabric made of synthetic material, which has a high degree of water resistance. In a tent, ventilation is created by valves located in the upper part of the structure, and the level of ventilation is regulated.

In a tent can be set with the help of improvised means, heated: for example, solid fuel tablets or the burner of any design.

The bottom of the tent-umbrella made of very long «skirt», so don’t worry that the bottom will come in cold air.

The weight of the tent-umbrella does not exceed three pounds, folds up very easily and when folded fits into a backpack.

There are many varieties of tents-umbrellas for anglers who prefer different ways of fishing. There is a small tent that can be set for a few minutes, and then quickly move to another place. There is ample, spacious, the umbrellas, which, with a high level of comfort, lematic able to stay in the whole day.


Requirements for tents

If you collect together all the requirements that apply to tents for ice fishing, the result is something quite impossible.

The main requirement is full not the air flow through the tent for winter fishing. But at the same time this tent should be breathable, i.e. to «breathe» to the tent will not remain stagnant air.

How to reconcile these incompatible demands?

The tent should have a range of features that will definitely require a modern precious materials and the significant efforts of its designers. This is theoretically permissible, but in this case, comfortable and modern tent will be very expensive. It is known that the average anglers – not the oligarchs and buy a tent will be unaffordable.

Tent for winter fishing should be easy. It is known that sometimes the angler has ice goes many miles and the weight of the tent, thus, plays a significant role. But the tent should be spacious, so that sits in it, a fisherman feel comfortable.

It is very important that the tent was stable. This requires structural materials — arc stand, preferably of metal, which creates the stability of the tent.

What to prefer

Before fishing, at present, faced with a choice of tent. In Russia there are several companies which produce modern tents for winter fishing. But most of these tents are imported from abroad, mainly from China. Recommend Chinese tent with an affordable price, because they have flaws, sometimes a lot.

Another thing – import a modern tent, made in Europe. Great demand for tents of various modifications of the company Maverick Ice. So, at first glance, the cost of similar products may seem incredible, but the durability, comfort level and other operational characteristics of such tents allow this price to accept.

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