Tell what you need to know for a successful hunting for capercaillie in spring and autumn

Capercaillie is one of the most sensitive and cautious birds. Hearing and vision these taiga inhabitants are perfect, making it difficult to hunt them. Before they arrived EN masse in the dense, swampy forests, preferring the berry of the place. In connection with deforestation, their number considerably decreased.

Capercaillie Lek in the spring, but sometimes mating happens in the summer, less in autumn and winter.

During the current capercaillie starts to make different sounds – «mating songs», then he usherusher feathers, and so lasts until dawn. After that, the males descend to the ground for mating. During marriage it is not necessary to shoot, otherwise they will be frightened and fly away.

The song of the capercaillie consists of click, tochal and kirkaldy sounds. He sings almost without a break, with only small pauses. When you click in birds acute hearing, and when skirtini – vision. When skirtini grouse severely deaf and can not hear any sound. At this point, the hunter should take the shot. Grouse can dramatically silence, at this time, the hunter must be careful not to scare the birds. Recommended shot, while hunting on the current No. 3.

Fall hunting for grouse.

in late summer, you can hunt grouse with setter dog. Shooting is conducted on the broods of the coniferous forest and are birds. The key to success in this hunt is a well-trained hunting dog.

Pointing dog in the hour of hunting is followed by Gujarati, trying not to scare them away. After the shot, glucarate close to fly away, and then sit on the lower branches of a tree. The dog, having found them, to a point, and the hunter, after taking a comfortable position, shoot. Fraction No. 5 and No. 6 is most suitable for shooting of broods.

Hunting for old grouse the most difficult. As a hunting dog would be the best Spaniel. Hunting with a Spaniel may continue until late autumn. The most suitable fraction for firing # 3 and # 4.

Hunting in late autumn.

Late autumn grouse fly into the larch and aspen. There they feed on the leaves or needles.

Recommended hunting in inclement weather. Tracing the base concentrations of grouse, the hunter should build a hut, and from hut to do the shot.

Hunting on the shingle.

Pebbles needed for grouse as ingredients means for grinding solid food. In early September these birds begin to aggressively collect small pebbles. The stones eventually comminuted, and the birds once again I have to restore the reserves.

Hunting can be done from the hut, or boat. Be careful not to scare the prey.

Shooting on the shingle is held in September and October.

Shooting for late fall it is recommended that the fraction # 2 and # 3.

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