Techniques for catching walleye

A fisherman who prefers to fish for walleye, characterized by an enviable patience and possession of a peculiar way of fishing with spinning.

Since the walleye is a predatory fish, it prefers to eat only small fish, because is a flawless object for catching on a spinning. In the waters of the rivers, walleye prefer hard seabed – rocky, pebbly, sandy. On this basis, the perch is often found on medium and large rivers. Best places for walleye fishing are the dam of stone and strong coastal embankments.

Importantly, the DNA in these plots were not covered with silt. With a sharp decline in the rocky bottom in the direction of the channel to a depth of 2m or more, this is the perfect place to perch.

Fishing for walleye can be done from the beginning and from the end of the dam. When choosing a bait, you should focus on the conditions of fishing, that is, to take into account the direction and speed of currents and depth of the area of fishing because the bait should be sent as close to the bottom.

Not always possible to get in intensively fattening walleye. Confident bite can be found most often in the evening, after sunset. If you fish from the end of the dam, you can catch big specimen Zander and the bait can respond to catfish and even big pike. But if you want to catch walleye it, it is not necessary to use very powerful equipment and leashes. Perch in contrast to pike, the bite begins with the first casts, so the angler will need patience.

For pike-perch should be applied to the drawing of the lure, which gives way to pauses. Bait Zander nil. However, it should be noted that the separation of the bait from the bottom should be soft. With a sharp separation, the bait can attract bass, and walleye will retreat. Attacks the perch is very peculiar. First, he sniffs the bait, thus easily begins to nibble on the soft tail Ripper, which vibrates. This bite will be well visible on the rod with a soft top. We must remember that when fishing for pike is better to use a soft bait than lure, Wobbler and others, as the perch, recognizing the bait again she does not bite.

When time made the strike, a big perch at first fades, then begins to resist, like large bass, but then quickly gives up. This fish most likely the power and can often sesekinika not deep.

Walleye can be found in stone mounds, which are used to strengthen the banks. Such perfect places for shelter of the pike, the more that is hidden here and fry bleak, perch, bream and other fish. But most often these places do not attract fishermen because when casting having a large loss of lures that are confused in the stones. Of course, much less will loss baits when fishing from shore, which includes concrete slabs, but perch in such places will be much less. Walleye can be found in the coastal shallows with a sharp collapse at depth, stony underwater ridges, and deep shallows with a hard bottom, as well as capes that create a large jet that can wash the bottom.

Zander can meet at the lake where a firm does not overgrown with grass the bottom and good water clarity. Here it often happens by accident. It is best in this case to look for underwater slides or garagiste areas. Tackle for fishing on the lake should be even sweeter since you have to catch from boats, and walleye in the lake looking for his prey almost in the upper layers of water.


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