Tactics for catching carp

Grass carp caught in spring or autumn, the weather must be Sunny and windless. This fish is caught mostly during the day, from early morning until sunset. When fishing you need to try not to break the silence, as carp are very cautious, and if to scare him, he’ll stop to feed and out from the shore. In cases where the bite is missing, you can find it at pools or well warmed up shallow waters, but provided that there is aquatic vegetation. As bait is perfect leaves of peas or clover, young corn stalks, boiled potatoes. And you can just plant a little of everything, a sandwich. If it is a plant, in this case, use the thread of green, to which the bait is tied to the hook. Carp can bite and earthworm.

The bait you need to throw a little away from the place where it is suspected that fish, and then very slowly, with significant pauses to pull up to him. Between pull-UPS with the rod made short twitches to attract the fish. After a sharp bite, and biting carp so, you need to make a quick and convenient cutting.

Carp are very hardy and strong, so it could take a long time to get him out. In the derivation cannot be allowed to do the jerks fish and attempts to step aside, or later to remove her from the bushes will be almost impossible. When Cupid will be close enough from the shore, you must use a landing net.

The white Amur is one of the most cautious and timid fish. It can startle even the soft sound created by the falling small object in water, for example, the leaf of the tree. Unlike many other species of fish, he really likes peace and quiet. That is what creates some problems when choosing a place to catch a Cupid. It can be very swampy parts of the coast or uncomfortable terrain. One of those places where there is a gathering of fishermen and, as a consequence, a certain amount of noise, Amour, of course, will go. This fish not only hear, but see, so do not forget about the cloak. It is not recommended to wear bright, flashy clothes. And even better to find any suitable shelter, if fishing is conducted from shore at a short distance.

Carp – a serious contender, so the gear must be designed accordingly. The main line is used instead of a cord-braided line with a diameter of 0.15 mm. it is better to Use without a leash. The clutch is configured rigidly, since it is necessary not to give a fish after hooking it to go into thickets of vegetation. Given the rather large mouth carp, accordingly, the selected hooks. As a rule, the hooks 7 to 10 numbers, depending on the average size of this fish in the pond.

The fish should preferably be kept in the garden or plants on the outside, but at some distance from the fishing place.

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