Tactics for catching carp in the fall

With the onset of autumn the fishermen here. Just wait for windless weather, the sun and want to catch a big carp are not considered.

We all know that without work and not pull the fish from the pond. And you don’t need to work a little bit to know about the tactics of catching carp at this wonderful time of the year.

The first thing to remember is that carp do not like to migrate. They are avid couch potatoes. This means that the use of the bait does not make sense, because the whole flock and it will be in the same place. And besides, bait is forcing you to stay in one place, and allows you to search for more fish Parking lot, and this whole trick fall fishing — find a carp Park. But carp makes a small move during the day.

So in the morning he sailed closer to the depths, to lunch, back to the shore, and again at depths closer to the evening, and at nightfall again in the shallows.

With the onset of cold weather, the carp become less mobile, reluctantly goes in search of food and gathers in large flocks in close proximity depths. In this state, he can still stand on the spot and force him to eat the bait on the hook can only be tossing her under the mouth. The second very important point — a carp likes to eat bloodworms. It can prepare the day before fishing. If a fisherman comes upon a lake or a pond where he had not been fishing, you first need to find the Parking lot of the pack.

Tactics identify the coolest point of the next. Standing on the shore, it is necessary to throw the gear in place, which can be considered deep or is the pit. If the bite does not start even after 2-3 minutes, it is possible to slightly shift to the side and again abandoned. Therefore examines the pond. Probably the most unpleasant that can be, so is the search time. You need to be patient and clearly know your purpose. At that time you can enjoy the singing of birds or the sound of water. After waiting some time, the effort will bear fruit. The bite will go smoothly. Gave up, pulled out, took the bait and again abandoned. So it is possible to catch a dozen carp. At a decent rate of catch can weigh from 300 grams to one kilogram. All in all about an hour the second, not counting searches.

And, perhaps, the last. Big success depends on a properly selected gear. Therefore, it is better not to skimp on them beforehand to prepare them. Catch a bunch of carp, you can go home to cook the soup. Studying this easy method of catching fish, you can continue to fish until frost and stay in the ranks of active fishermen.

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