Tackles for March fishing

Finally a breath of spring, soon even more will start to warm sunshine , and the waters will run the first patches that will bring the water with oxygen. The fish starts to come to life in the reservoirs, moves to the place where the water becomes warm. The fishermen begin to prepare tackle for spring fishing. Tackle for spring fishing you need to take a more durable, reliable . Mostly in March caught on the float rod and spinning, bottom fishing use is not possible due to the lack of a decent place.

Fishing line and hooks also need to take stronger, as after hibernation, the fish become much more active, and any sturdy tackle will tear easily. Thick lines will not push the fish as the spring water is muddy and full of junk. This tree branches and dry grass, one drawback of thick fishing line that she can parasite on the surface while strong currents, thus, can throw the entire bait on the surface of the pond. So pick up this line, which will not create unnecessary problems during catching. The thickness of the line try to pick up based on the fact that in the spring quite often there are hooks for floating debris on the surface. For the March fishing perfect fishing line thickness of 0.12 mm, a fishing line is quite sturdy , using it to fish for bream, but also to pull the snag which can pick up on the hook. If you remember that often in March caught in three feet of water, fishing line will not affect snap-in. Greater attention in March deserves the choice of leash, while fishing during a flood without a leash is simply not enough it needs to be from the same line that you have as the main.


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