Tackle for winter fishing

In the winter, because of the lack of fodder, the fish is kept under ice flocks. Where there is food there is fish. To find those small areas of the reservoir where the fish are feeding, you need to know the characteristics of the bottom in different parts and to drill more than one hole. The best tackle in such conditions, the rod and jig. Most anglers use for winter fishing rod with a nod. You never know in what place and at what depth the fish are concentrated, so mormyshka tackle has established itself the best.

It is advisable to have several jigs of different diameters. If the thickness of the ice allows you to move around the pond, to look for fishing need Parking at different depths. For fishing at moderate depths of about 1.5-2 metres suitable jig with a diameter of 2-3 mm. In the three-meter depth and jig need to pick up more – approximately 4 mm. 5 mm spinners work well at a depth of about 5 meters. For small jigs choose a thin fishing line. Larger lures are equipped with appropriate line – only if the game is attractive to fish.

Not all fish species remain active during the winter. Perch, pike, roach, bream continue to feed with good bite, in good weather conditions. To catch them it is better to use contrasting jig. And for inactive fish can be a useful spinner in grey, green and brown. To interest the fish, you can experiment with a jig. If the pond were trees or fallen trees, their bark of live larvae. To simulate these larvae on a jig is applied to the strips. To attract attention, maybe some shiny object on the jig, whether it is a small bare area of metal.

If the Bay empties into a tributary, the algae that feed on the oxygen to die off in the winter will not. Conditions in these bodies of water with sufficient oxygen content in the water was favourable to the larvae of dragonflies, mayflies. Therefore, at small depths use flies which imitate these larvae. For weight gain fly it wrapped with wire or head of the fly is made from heavy materials. Weighted flies are used at depths exceeding 2 meters. Sometimes a fly tied on a jig that allows you to use tackle not only in shallow water. Fish in the winter is very careful not always taken on the fly, although it looks attractive. Then in addition to the fly you can use the leash with a hook. This combination gives good results: the attention of fish attracts mimics the larvae of a fly, but she takes the worm on the hook.

For catching different species of fish select appropriate nods. Well, when you have differently equipped fishing rods. For winter perch will fit short, rather stiff nod. Roach better to catch the bait with long, soft nod. A soft nod ensure a smooth game.

Winter fishing involves a constant search for sites fish, selecting the right gear. But even with all the favorable conditions, not all fish are biting well. And if instead of a roach, the perch is biting, you can continue to look for new plotline place, and you can get a lot of positive emotions from the fight with big bass.

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