Tackle for perch (ice fishing)

Now a little about the gear. The most versatile is the ordinary kucova rod. It allows you to catch as ensconced in a strategically planned location using the bait and, if necessary, quickly change the place of fishing.

The line on a tackle comes with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.12 mm, Although today there is more thin «gossamer», but judge for yourself, is it worth it? Plus, you never know who down there can come and more «client» and then the line just will not stand.

By itself, the equipment of the UDA is very simple: first tied jig, it is important that the weight of the bait depends on the depth of the place, and the strength of the flow at the bottom. We must be particularly attentive to the quality and the sharpness of the hooks of your spinners. But, say, color or form, used when fishing with bait, as a rule, play a secondary role.

Very interested in roach that impaled on the end of the rope, that is the hook. Besides, it is necessary to take into account the small size of the mouth of a fish. Under all these circumstances, the body of the jig should not be bulky or very large, respectively, and the hook doesn’t have to be big . If you ignore these comments a blank map provided to you. And you’ll just feed the hungry fish and as the saying goes «no tail, no scales».

Higher end of the jig need to be tied to the main fishing line leash several feet with a small hook. Is that the roach doesn’t take the bait on the hook mormyshka, but can willingly miss a single hook on the leash. The impression these days that roaches are afraid of the weight of the jig.

I must admit that the lure will always be harder than dynamic. In addition, one should add that the snap-in has an important advantage during an active search of fish. And it is obvious because there is the possibility to simultaneously use different bait and the nozzle. While determining the food preferences of roach on a given day, is faster.

Sometimes people go ice-fishing for roach Using float tackle, but these apparatus are not allowed to play up a jig. Therefore, when fishing with celkovou yield is the ability to use a variety of games showerheads, simulating natural fish foraging conditions. If properly and frequently alternate the fishing on the fixed gear and active play with the punches of the jig along the bottom, even a weak or even no bite, can turn into vigorous and quite productive. Taking into account these tips, I think you will get real pleasure from fishing. See you soon!

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