Tackle for carp fishing

Tackle for catching such fish as carp very much. Over time, the fishermen are inventing new tricks for catching fish. In this article we will talk about fancy tackle for carp fishing, but rather about the hair attachment of bait. Recently, carpatica are increasingly using such mounting gear. In contrast to the usual familiar to us float fishing, a nozzle on the hair snap is not placed on the hook, and with hair tied to it. So you need to do for various reasons: the First is that this method of fixing Boyle to the hook or trevogo ball is the only possible one. Second, in combination with blind tooling, this mount does not allow the carp to deeply swallow the bait, and the fish are less injured, as it clings only lip. For this reason, such tackle for carp fishing is especially popular among sport fishermen who are caught by the principle of catch and release.

When fishing with such gear is usually used a special self-sealing installation. The tube is fixed protivotankovaya leash that is tied to the swivel. Thus, the attachment hook rigidly attached to the sinker. Find Boyle, the fish swallows it with a hook, and heavy Grosso contributes to the fact that carp overreach themselves. Therefore, since the stinger hook is always open, and leash tackle stretched due to significant weight sinkers fish rarely manage to get rid of a hook the hook

There are so many different variants blind installation a snap. Almost all of them designed for specific fishing conditions.

There is a basic mounting gear that fits under almost any fishing conditions and for any water. Tackle for carp fishing made in this way are well-proven for fishing in sport fishing, and for ordinary fishing. For the production of this installation need braid fishing line. It is much softer than monolithi, and looks much more natural on the bottom. Also you need to prepare: a hook with a ring, small piece of ordinary rubber rolls, swivel, sinker and tube protivogerpetical that will prevent the overlap of the leash based on the fishing line when casting. Important point. The length of protivotankovaya should be slightly greater than the length of the leash.

When fishing for carp on the tackle with a blind installation, instant cutting is not required. For a fisherman, not afraid to miss a fish safely to give her the opportunity to rewind a few meters of the line. Then taking the rod in his hands, he should just select the line tension and deeper to drive the hooks at the bottom lip of the carp. Tackle for carp fishing made in this way will keep the fish off the hook. Using this method of fishing, You will always remain with the production.

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