Tackle… fishing.. the wiring.

Tackles, rebala posting..!

Transaction undertaken for the perch needs to be modified, using «tree» or «step». Importantly, the bait announced the ability to bounce from the bottom, this makes a rather sharp and short movements of the rod, thus realizing the fast your retrieve. Then spinning turn end in the water, and the bait quickly falls down.

And here are a few similarly placed steps, after which the lure is held in a day for two seconds. And just after a leap, it rises above. Because of the overlap tee will need when you touch shipping bottom to attract. In such transactions a large portion of the bites gets on the tail of the lure, it is necessary to provide a tee.

You should try to find out the bottom, its features and topography. In places more stringent in the case, when you change the depth, it is more efficient to bait using short steps. If you fish in areas sufficiently silted spend a long coil wiring. Some anglers make the wiring dead fish, which makes it impossible to forecast, most importantly, to feel the movement. Jerking the rod tip different forces can be varied in duration.

Try to find a experience fishing on predpolojenie bait, this way you will be able to monitor all movements of fish. Will help you numerous exercises in shallow water, where the water is clear and clean, try also slower to bait.

Snastochki, armed with a dead fish, quite deservedly won many anglers one of the best baits. And lately, instead of it appeared the twisters, artificial fish. It is extremely comfortable, silicone fish easy and convenient to store, no need to constantly look for the bait. But snastochki not lost its significance, because the fish are often finicky, not wanting to peck at colored rubber lures.

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