Tackle and hold.

What is a transaction? Ways in which you can use snastochki to fish, different, and most importantly, do not rush.

You had reached the quality of the wiring is much more important than tempo, which you ensure the harvest of the designated area. You need to make every effort and the ability to lead snastochki as close to the bottom. Make a cast, and then let the showerhead fell to the bottom, without passing the fishing line from the reel, because some bites occur in the period when the nozzle is immersed under the water.

And when the fishing line is free, sometimes the bite goes unnoticed. Lift the nozzle from the bottom using a smooth stroke of the rod, at the same time podmetila the line is very slow moving, slightly changing the speed. This allows the nozzle to oscillate, playing over the bottom. If the speed is uneven, it will lead to the game we want to force to move along an intermittent path, i.e. «play». When you swipe down on the stall, do not try particularly hard, just a slight change action and pause when the spinning takes its original position, and with the pick up coil the extra line. When you touch the bottom surface of the lure do the following poticu.

The wiring degrees complete rod. Don’t hold your snastochki at the bottom artificially, you should continue the spontaneous downward motion. The fish that took the bait, already got a force of inertia that can catch the tee, which is introduced into the region of the dorsal fin. Areas having equal size, try to sh with the transaction, arranged by a stepwise manner, extending it in time. Make two or three smooth circulation by coil, followed by a pause, in which there is a fall fish on the bottom.

Then, remove the rod and bait from the bottom, the next stage – smooth transaction, again, pause and so on. If you are unhappy because of the lack of bites, and place you have chosen still do not want to leave, try posting way delays on the bottom. The predator also has a tendency to pick up food from the soil, and fishing captures the bite via the line tension by stopping cutting the gap to the bait lying on the bottom.

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