Summer fishing roach

The heat of summer. There is the heat. Minsk sea was covered with smelly green film. Even come close to the water unpleasant. What now fishing! And then suddenly called Grigory Kozlov from Borisov:

— Meet me at the beaver! I’ve live in the forest, the resin harvested. Let’s go fishing! And nature is beautiful! Such a proposal was impossible not to accept. And I started to get on the road.

On the EVE of

First question: what to take not to drag excess weight? The necessary clothes, of course. Products probably can be purchased at a local store. Spinning, he just with me. But the bait you have to prepare the house so there not to bother. How? It all depends on what kind of fish to expect.

Fishing on beaver I had. But I think that this river should be similar to the case. Hardly catch there the IDE or the Chub — not a master of fly fishing. So the first thing to keep in mind roach.

My fiberglass rod with a length of 4.2 m for this is quite good, but the rod for roach harsh (was designed for carp, carp, tench). So I replaced the top knee on a thin flexible tip, so you can do sweeps elastically and instantaneously. I refused spinning reel. First, long casts are not necessary, and secondly, it allows to fine adjust the level of braking when the resistance of fish, if caught a big roach, then breaks off the leash before you have time to let go of the line. Replaced bezynertsionnoj on the classic aluminum «crab», which, I confess, I haven’t enjoyed. Actually, when fishing for roach with a perfect brake for coil — finger of the fisherman and his flair.

Took the basic scaffold with a diameter of 0.12 mm, and the leash — 0,08 mm. would be 0.06 mm — would put it. The finer the tackle, the bolder biting roach. Even this scaffold will withstand polukilogrammovy roach, of course, with certain skills. Leashes have a couple. One about a meter long, several others in the 15-20 cm Hooks tied too different from No. 2.5 and No. 4, white and dark, with a short forearm. Prosilica on leashes — quite small (under a light quill-float), with belt of lead plates. Enjoy the very convenient. If necessary you can zoom or move up and down (make it very easy). In the case of the sandwiched pellet on the leash, you just have to tear.

Store «Fishing» bought bloodworms, maggots, put it in the backpack a bag of barley and a stack of rye bread crumbs (wheat roach reacts somehow less active). All. Now, in a way!


The bus on Velyatichi (this is in the Borisov district) went to the bus station «Moscow». We had to drive two hours. Gregory met me at the bus stop. We had passed through the village, which was very long, and then along the field road, the old bridge across the beaver. On the opposite Bank of pine forest have already sank into the evening twilight.

His hut Grisha gave a hundred meters from the river. Immediately began, of course, with dinner. Grisha offered cold fried pike caught this morning. While he covered the «Skatert-Samobranka» I lit a fire, fetching water and hung the kettle over the fire with barley. It for bait and the nozzle. Not once convinced in practice that the foods prepared in chlorinated water, even if it was defended for two days, works poorly. But if the water is taken from the same water body where caught, the bite is almost always active.

When the barley has reached the desired condition (after boiling you need to cook 20-25 minutes so it was soft to the touch, but elastic), I spilled it on plastic film, rolled in breadcrumbs and left to dry. Then it will not stick together, and crackers with bait will create slowly lowered the turbidity, which attracts fish.

The fire burned down, there was an impenetrable darkness. In order not to miss the sunrise, set the alarm for half past three in the morning.

…The sky is still sarasola, and I was already at the river, went along the shore, picking the right place for fishing. Decided to start on a sharp turn, which formed the quiet pool, which was slowly floating in a circle in fallen leaves. Shore rose almost vertically for about ten meters, but the bottom was sandy strip where you could get.

I gently went down. Sandy bottom in the water was covered with a layer of silt. I scooped up a handful, put small maggots and bloodworms, a little barley and cast slightly upstream so the bait sank to the bottom in the center of the vortex. The depth here was about two meters. I put a short leash with hook-saltysam. Decided to start with a crank. Scored once in a quiet pool. Five minutes of the bite was not, but the flyer did not put. When fishing for roach, the rod should always be in the hands of time to react.

The bite was sharp. Spotted roach grams 70. Soon caught two more the same. Then the bite stopped. Tried the barley. With the sweeps did not, the grain left on the hook. But it is necessary to change to a new one after each touch fish. Re-savor it. fish doesn’t want to. Apparently, he feels that already tried. Following roach got under 100 grams. Means for feeding came bigger fish to fry. Came then went, but for some reason didn’t feed. And the edge of the sun now appeared above the horizon. I changed to a long leash. Sunrise different larvae slowly rise from the bottom, and they hunt roaches. A metre long leash will go down very smoothly, and the bite will be possible to determine at what depth it is at this moment held. The white hook № 3 gain fat live maggots.

The float has not become upright, as abruptly went under water. The movement of the brush made a short trip and felt significant weight. Suddenly, the vein is immediately weakened and darted in my direction. Automatically sharply raised the rod up the fish first rushed to the shore and then rushed to the side to the middle of the river, pulling the line tight. Thickets were not around, and I’m slowing down a little coil, put the meter and a half. Finally, I managed to raise it to the surface. Swallowing air, she stood and walked to the shore without any resistance. She pulled at 400-450 grams.

I lowered the float a little lower. Somewhere within an hour after the weakening of the bite twice reduced depth. Latest caught on dvadtsatimetrovy depth on bloodworms. Then began to molest the little thing, and I decided to change location.


I loved it on a completely straight section of length 30 meters. In the water along the shore stretched the calamus strip about a meter wide. For here was not very fast, smooth. The bottom is clean and sandy. The depth on the same plot is about 70 cm So that the fish will stay at the border of the grass. Roaches in these areas rests off the coast.

Cypnow a couple of handfuls of barley slightly above the beginning of the transaction, and made my first cast. Head was above the bottom, and when touched it, at first I just did the cutting, but then he began to distinguish the characteristic hitch and she didn’t react. During the next swim float, without stopping, suddenly hesitated, as if dancing. Cutting. Is. A sharp jerk — the fish on the shore. Roach, if you feel that the tackle would stand, in General it is necessary to throw vigorously, not giving her time to recover.

Fishing vprovodku was not very successful and the heels of stormovik, and then the bite stopped. Decided to resort to the latter, as a rule, trouble free, money.


I went to the bridge. There was shallow. Undressed, went into the water up to his waist and tore the old wooden piles of the bright green strand of Shelkovnikov (for the nozzle fit only the young). Washed her from Tina, took a piece length of 8 centimeters, made a double loop, like the letter R, slipped the loop through the hook and pulled. The tips cut off, leaving hanging a couple of inches of greenery. The tip of the strands was broken up. The sting of the hook was clearly visible, but when fishing on the green is irrelevant. Strand floats in front of the hook, and the fish podscasts before to feel that something was wrong. When fishing vprovodku on the greens and don’t need bait.

Caught immediately by the bridge. Zadok was augmented by fish, although more than 150 g roach did not come across. Mostly small ones, but do not have to miss.

By noon on the greens and the fish cut off. Time was for lunch. Enough, and the ear and jarenko.

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