Summer fishing on the river Kuban

After all, summer is the best time for fishing and relaxation on the river Bank. And you can catch fish, and swim in the cool water or just soak up the magical cacophony of birds, crickets and river frogs. Short gathering and I went to the Bank of your favorite river without a large amount of gear.

Two donkey, a bit of bait, less bait and modest Lunches — here and all my fishing gear. Today I’m going to catch the roach in the river Kuban, fast and unpredictable, but the skillful approach gives the angler the joy of good catches. Here, the river, the well-known place in the suburbs of the city of Krasnodar. It is easily accessible by car and on foot in just 30-40 minutes from the bus stop of the urban route. A little morning dew soaked my shoes, but unless it can stop the avid fisherman!

My favourite place under the shady crown of the old trees were not occupied by other fishermen. Settled in and the first thing they prepared the bait — steamed millet with the addition of aromatic oils, crushed cake and canned corn. To weight of bait use of coastal clay, which is in abundance at the river.

Donkey loaded with bait, as bait on one rod, the larva of a maggot, on the other corn. Abandoned gear, comfortably, waiting for the bite of the river enjoying the coolness and sounds of the living forest. Directly overhead in the branches of a willow knocks fractional tap woodpecker, extracting insect larvae in a tree trunk. The first bite was not long in coming. First, a sharp twitch of the rod tip bottom signalled the aggressive bite of the roach, the fish was cut and dragged to the Bank. Immediately followed by a confident strike on the second spinning, it was pound handsome satanic, which I successfully got in the net. Not a trophy, but quite a nice copy, and a gastronomic terms, it is also good! Fishing began.

Bite 1-2 minutes followed one another, then subsided, then resumed again, although maggots were eating more often. In the cage loudly splashed coveted prey, pleasantly delighting the ears of fishermen. Suddenly the bite stopped. For the next half hour there was only one realized the bite, then donkey and is stopped without any signs of fish. Fishing time is almost always flies by. It was about ten in the morning.

The sun began to bake, in the absence of wind there was a feeling of suffocation. Examined the contents of the garden: 5-6 Sazanchikov two dozen large roaches and five decent hasterok. Quite a decent catch. Decided not to skimp, to stop fishing and go home. Especially since the fish in the river ceased to show signs of activity. Made their simple fishing gear, made a binding ritual — removed garbage and other fishermen who do not very carefully have behaved in this place. Goodbye to the river Kuban, before a new meeting, new to fishing!

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