Summer fishing for carp

Warm weather in the summer morning, the cry of gulls over head and a calm lake, what else does a fisherman need to be happy? Of course, good catch.

Summer fishing for carp in the lake, this is a very interesting exercise, but you need to know some secrets of this business. Fish do not live according to our usual rules and all that is human is alien to her. For this reason, you need to catch it with skill.

The spring flood recedes, the water is cleansed of dirt and is heated to a comfortable temperature for the fish. Carp actively sweep the eggs, spending an insane amount of strength and energy, which subsequently fill in the excess amount. This occurs in early summer to late spring. At this time, the carp are biting well, and most importantly, some pretty large specimens.

Best bait for summer carp fishing is, of course, rainwater and manure worms and canned corn. Digging earthworms in areas with high humidity, and corn buy in the store. Manure worms harder to find, if you are a resident of the city. You can buy them, or dig yourself. If there’s animal farm, consider what worms you have problems will not.

Before you go fishing, let’s set the bait. Spinning reel, telescopic rod in two or more meters, the scaffold is 0.02. hook choose the following sizes of worms and fish that fall into your area (the structure of carp does not allow him to swallow large baits, such as Galaly who swallows everything, down to mice). Floaty float, if the weather is calm, or heavy, in cases, agitation of the water. For this fit and the cork from wine bottles. The sinker is chosen based on the size of the float. Carp typically feed in the lower layers of the reservoir, therefore, we must choose the height so that the bait touched the bottom or swam 15-20 centimeters from the bottom. Choose a shallow place, at this time, the fish feed close to shore and relatively shallow areas.

Corn can be used as bait separately put on the hook for one — three pieces. But experience proved a variant of the lure is this: one or two manure worms or one rainy (also called vyazkoi), and strung one on top of the corn to the sharp part of the hook hidden under the bait. This option is better than a stick worm or corn alone.

If sticking out of the water branches of trees, then get close to them, because it is in such places is feeding the fish or in any place.

The carp bite is not harsh, at first, he definitely rubbed bait. Keep this in mind, don’t cut too early. As soon as the float will float on water, it is cut rapidly, but not abruptly, otherwise a high risk to tear the fish’s lips. If after hooking feel the presence of a fish on the hook without weakening the tension fishing line spool reel. Do not make sudden movements, moderately and calmly pull the fish to shore.

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