Summer fishing carp

The summer has contributed most to for carp fishing. In this season the water is heated to the desired temperature. Carp bite produces almost all summer. If interruptions in the bite and there were they very small. When the temperature rises to 20 degrees, the fish goes in search of cool places. In such places there may be holes and hollows, spring water and a variety of vegetation that can cast a shadow. In summer, the carp swims near the cliffs of the coastline, especially when the water depth sufficient for swimming fish. The angler should not unnecessarily touch the equipment and not to create unnecessary noise. Bite you can wait a very long time, but if the fish will swim near the bait, then the time spent is justified. At least, the angler will have the chance to catch a large carp.

The main bait for carp fishing is potatoes, bread and worm. The latter two types of baits will be ineffective if the fish is not hungry, because instead of having to eat a piece of bread or worm, it will suck. This behavior of the carp will not affect the gear, that is, the fisherman does not see the catch.

Anglers often feed potato place of fishing. The process of bait is very simple, but that’s fishing for potatoes is quite another matter. Need to know how to plant potatoes in the hook to the throwing rods it takes off. Therefore, potatoes are usually cut into small uniform cubes. Each cube should be optimal in size in order to disguise the hook and to the extra profit. For example, for the hook of eight rooms suitable potato cube measuring one by one centimeter.

At high heat carp sometimes cease to feed by day and spends this time in peace and quiet in their hidden places. To search for food he goes only at night. So the fish in such cases it is better to catch just after sunset or before dawn, even before sunrise. Carp are also active on cloudy days, especially during moderate rain. As for biting carp required the slightest breeze. When calm, the carp bite is virtually nonexistent.

At poklevke the fisherman does not always have time to grab the bait as the bite can be very unexpected. Big carp can easily break the line and break the hook. Feeling the strike, the fish instantly trying to hide, so the angler needs to have sufficient strength to hold the prey. Also plays an important role and the fishing rod, line and reel. They should be of high quality and to withstand the weight of the fish, otherwise you can be left without the rod and without a catch.

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