Sudak. How to catch him with the balancer?


When fishing in the winter, apply a variety of artificial lures. The most popular bait, according to applicability, is still the balancer. Attracts the attention of a predator, like sweeping the lure. Blesna vertical so cannot play.

All that has been said, that, in General, the statistics. There is no guarantee that buying a pair of beams, the catch is awesome. When fishing on the balancer, they need the correct use of this word implies not only the correct presentation of the bait. The balancer in its use has many nuances. Well enough of philosophy. Time to move on to the basics.

The most important thing to do is to find a predator that is active. The fish aren’t always caught immediately. Sometimes you have to follow the pond to find her. While in the ice, a large number of holes. So that good quality ice pick, is the most important thing in the outfit.

Clothing too should be awarded your attention. During the selection of clothing, prefer one that will not interfere with the movement and retain heat. If need be, the excess moisture will. The ideal option would be the jumpsuit for fishing. In its base includes membrane technology.

Choosing how you think, a promising place for fishing, drill a few holes. Catch in each hole no more than 10 minutes. If the bite is missing, then leave the area. Walleye in this place will not. If you know what the bottom in the area you selected, the search will accelerate. During mixing along the slope of the bore hole at the top and bottom border of the drop off. If you are looking for walleye in the deep Strait, it will pay attention to a large number of holes yesterday. Most often, the walleye feeds in one place for a long time.

If you caught one walleye, then the search is considered complete. The fact that pike goes in a pack. There is still a variant how to make the hole next to the one where you caught fish and fish by turns in each of them. There is also the option to move over the pond after the fish. In this case, a selected portion controlled all the ends.

The balancer is easy to use. Deal with it, even a beginner, because his technique is simple. Freely release the rocker to the bottom. Once it reaches the day start to catch. Slowly lift the balancer at 15 cm from the bottom. Make a vigorous stroke of the rod. This is done by lifting up the tip to 15 cm and Then it takes its original position. Pause no more than 30 seconds. The game can vary. The tip of the spinning you can raise and release smoothly, and also to use small high-frequency vibration.

I wonder what is happening at this time under water. The balancer, which fell to the bottom, picks up small stuff. It can attract fish. Raising the rocker, it fades, and then rises sharply and swerves. This game is similar to fearing fish. Rising up, happens you stop the balancer, turn and it goes down. The speed gradually increases.

You should know that it is better to catch walleye when the water is quiet there is a small current. For fishing on the balancer, it’s perfect conditions.

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