Sturgeon includes over 20 species, which by their nature are freshwater, semi-anadromous and anadromous. At the moment, the sturgeon population is dramatically lower than in previous years. In this regard, a number of measures for the construction and reproduction data of fish.

The body of the sturgeon in its structure is a bit elongated and her skin are rigid plates. It can reach a very huge size, weight of some can often reach several hundred kilograms. In gastronomy sturgeon is famous for its delicious and expensive caviar.

In the natural environment of sturgeon can be found in the Parliament of reservoirs on a large scale in North America and Eurasia. The majority of reservoirs in Russia is suitable for the existence of this fish, which is why distributed artificial cultivation of sturgeon in our country.

Sturgeon, bottom fish, and gives their loot to dig out from the mud.

As bait for catching this fish, a worm Nightcrawlers, chopped pieces of fish. And instead of tackle, usually used Donka. On the territory of the Russian Federation, in natural waters fishing for sturgeon is prohibited, but do not worry, there are pay ponds where breeding. There is certainly possible to test your fishing skills.

Sturgeon — the fish are powerful and can easily deal with any line. Therefore, it’s as possible to pull strength to the line. It attach braided line, the rod is necessary to select hard and long enough.

As a rule, sturgeon tries the nozzle for a short time, and then abruptly begins to bite. Catching it brings a lot of adrenaline. The reaction of the cut sturgeon is often unpredictable.

Sturgeon is not a long time engaged in the testing of the bait, and then very abruptly pulls the trigger. Itself fishing for sturgeon is a very fun and interesting exercise, which can add to daily life of a fisherman a little adrenaline. This happens due to the fact that sturgeon is not predictable and can turn in any direction and the evil hunter to confuse the tackle, or, moreover, to break the line. Also the fish can to a great height to jump out of the water. The unpredictability is reflected in the fact that the fish can at breakneck speed to go fishing or on the contrary from him, or fraudulently to lay low. When you pull it should be carefully and slowly bring it closer to the shore and, of course, not to weaken the tackle or the fish leave.

In winter, artificial lake sturgeon can retain its activity and even to be too mobile, but the fishermen usually do not prefer such Exotica. Catch the ice very difficult. But if such a possibility had, then do not worry. Just need to tie a bunch of worms on a hook and start fishing adventure.


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