Strategy of success when fishing for carp

Fishing for carp is one of the exciting types of sport fishing. The fisherman that goes to carp, you need to thoroughly arm themselves with modern gear and knowledge. To study the habits of the underwater opponent, his preferences and behaviors at different times of the year.

The fisherman must realize that he is fighting a strong fish, which will not be easy to master. The process of catching powerful carp long enough, the fisherman holds the pond about five days. And , equipment and supplies should be chosen wisely. Most importantly, consider the experienced fishermen, it is moisture-proof the house, tent. Is, it will have not one day. Recommended to ride with a partner, so it should be staying on a few beds. If the tent is large, you can put a cot. If space is not enough to use sleeping bags. You should bring a chair, bucket, bags. All that might be useful.

One of the most important fishing gear, stands for fishing rods. It includes the stand itself, which is able to occupy a stable position on any uneven ground. Electronic bite alarms, they report the presence of biting light and an audible signal. Mechanical alarm, stating that the fish comes to the shore. And fastening for fishing-rods. The most important weapon a fisherman’s carp fishing is the rod. Specifically karpovoe a fishing-rod. They are designed for medium range, accurate output, and delicate tackle. They work fine when casting, allowing you to feel every movement of the fish. You can use a rod designed for long casting about two hundred and fifty meters. Sometimes useful carp landing net and its size is quite impressive. However, to catch trophy carp, this volume landing nets do not interfere.

Also do not forget about the marker. This is a tool that allows you to know everything about the fishery. This rod with a bright float, moves freely through the load. Using the marker, have the opportunity to learn the bottom topography and depth anywhere. In addition to the token, you can use the sounder device, which details will show on the screen all the underwater disadvantages. Driftwood and stones, and hiding places big fish. It is better to use a good sonar, which at least has the function of the gray line, and preferably greater screen resolution. When the financial ability is better to use a digital camera. It clearly shows the picture and justify the money spent. Giving the opportunity to find great places for fishing.

For successful fishing, the selected location should be different from the primary bottom topography. This can be either a pit or hill. No need to be sorry time, of great importance when fishing for carp has properly chosen his place of residence. In the spring it is advisable to look for a plateau, smooth exit from the pits about two to three meters.

The most expensive purchase for carp fishing, is the bait. It is very important to have quality hooks. And the best driver materials, that is all what he sees and feels the fish.Place to lure fishing can be in different ways. For example, applying for the exact query Cobra or use special slingshot. Slingshot is the most affordable device, which can be used to make in the field. To throw the bait as far as possible you need to use the technique of emission of a brush. That is, to forge by hand. More efficiently delivers the bait to the fishing area of the device, called the rocket. Filled the form with content of the bait, throw her a special rod for missiles. Or use a fishing rod with a big test, a length of about five meters.

All the above tips will definitely help you catch the fish of your dreams.

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