Storing inflatable boats in the winter

Inflatable boat, if not properly stored, can very quickly lead to failure. It is therefore very important in winter to create the necessary conditions in order to extend its service life. What will it take?

First of all it is necessary to remove the sand, which is very often going between the inflatable bottom and sides. For this you need to inflate the boat and put under a steep angle so that water could freely drain from it.

Also remove from the case m-mud, seaweed, salt, mud, sludge, stains, fuel, etc. All spots that appeared during the use, not only detracts from the appearance of the boat, but, as often happens, hides serious damage. Usually removal use warm water (not hot) with soap or non-abrasive (!it is very important) washable tools. In any case, for this purpose you can use different solvents or gasoline. After all these manipulations you should dry the boat and pay attention to the strip joints of the sides and bottom. For this it down and turn inside-out. All this is necessary to remove condensate and water. All valves should be turned out.

Once the boat is completely dry, you need to inspect it. All the places where there are cracks (even small) should immediately be subjected to repair (not recommended to wait until spring).

To keep the boat a little better wide open and uploaded. Well, if for some reason this is not possible – you can save the «fighting girlfriend» in the case. Put her as freely as possible, to avoid the formation of cracks. With the same purpose, it is recommended each month to transfer the boat so that the old curves did not coincide with a new one. A variety of accessories (paddles, seats) should also be very carefully washed and dried.

To keep the boat in a dry room where the temperature will not be below 0 (0-25 degrees) and a relative humidity of 30-80%. In any case, the melting-agent should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and heaters must be located at a distance of at least 1 m should Also ensure that on the surface could not get oil, natural gas, gasoline and other chemical agents – they quickly destroy the rubber layer and the base textile fabric.

After winter storage it is recommended to use the boat, it is necessary to cheat and leave in this position for a few days. During this time she will straighten out, warms up, and if after hibernation is still a problem – they can be addressed in time and this will not affect fishing together.

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