Step-by-step instructions on how to equip a cartridge for hunting at home

Step-by-step instructions on how to equip a cartridge for hunting at home

Today, hunting stores offer a wide range of hunting cartridges of various brands. But many hunters prefer to equip cartridges yourself hunting, as it did many years ago, when the stores did not have such a chic selection of ready-made cartridges. The answer to the question of why hunters prefer independent equipment cartridges lies in the fact that each shotgun has its peculiarities, and store the finished bullets simply can not go. And most importantly curb the cartridge house will cost the hunter’s cheaper, and it will be more reliable purchase.

What you will need in order to equip the cartridge home.

For loading the cartridge at home, you will need the pharmacy scales, a special set for equipment of cartridges, dispensers for powder and shot, Navoiy, wooden stand for prepared cartridges, o-rings and twist. Set for equipment of cartridges may be referred to as Diana, Baikal, Universal. Twist is a special device for twist already kitted out cartridges.

Step by step instructions.

1. First you need to prepare the casings. From the discharged cartridge to extract the capsule, it is good to clean the connector, straighten the end of the sleeve with the help of awaynike. When you have completed all of the steps, the prepared sleeve it is necessary to put the new capsule.

2. The most important stage in equipment cartridges — measuring the powder. For measuring powder you will need a pharmacy, a precision balance. You can also use a special dispenser with a yardstick.

3. Now you need to say so to zapisivat gunpowder. For this procedure you need to take and put directly into the gunpowder, a cardboard strip, and then wad the right size. If you use a wad that is covered with a special paper on top also need to put the cardboard gasket.

4. It is time for filling fractions. For this procedure you will also need scales or a special dispenser. What would the fraction is evenly distributed gently tap your finger on the cartridge. Now we need to zapisivat the fraction like we did with gunpowder.

5. Now with the help of a special device you need to tighten curb cartridge.

6. Well, at the final stage, you need to get rid of the cartridge using a special crimp ring and sign on a cardboard strip which fraction loaded cartridge (number of shot).

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