Stealth fishing in the winter

In Russia winter fishing is widespread, thanks to the climate and the large number of reservoirs. Therefore, in our time, the desire to go to catch fish is a good solution if you also plan to spend time. In winter, it also added some kind of trouble in the form of frost, thin ice, and the snow-swept roads.

To cope with winter roads there is only one reliable way is to take a lot of people. With a big company is not only fun but also easier to pull a stuck car out of the hole or snow drift. But, of course, the main task of fishing is not only successful, but also to catch a fish.

You probably know many fans of jig. Undoubtedly, she has a lot of advantages, but the choice of jig is necessary to approach with mind. Now more suited to smaller lures, such as the bass about 3 — 4 cm, perch – 5 — 6. In addition, it has become fashionable in every way to decorate the spinner. But does it favor? Practice – minor. Fish do not pay attention to or decorated with baubles or not. The only thing that can be useful in this venture is that typically the decoration is by the tee spinners, and the fish reacts to the edge as the target, and immediately swallows tee. However, don’t expect too high results.

For winter fishing can also be appropriate to use a spinner with a fly. It has disadvantages, such as grabbing the bottom and snags, but the advantages of this device more. Flies put to test the water for presence of fish above the spinners. She lures and teases the fish, this is especially useful when fishing for perch.

Also, if a bad paklava can use spinners. And use different sizes, giving preference to small, and then you can achieve better results. However, don’t start fishing with lures, first check the new hole with a spoon, and if poklevok was not, then we can lay it aside. If in the process of fishing you need to change gear, do not attach the hook into the foam right away, let it dry, otherwise it will rust through moisture which were stored in the foam.

When you have success in catching fish, don’t drop the trophy on the ice – the fish may freeze, which is not only unpleasant, but also affects the quality of fish, and may even lose your taste for it.

Good fishing to you, and of course rely on their experience, except what I learned from others.

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